Spitfire division – Quesada Blenheims v Vistabella Fairways

A very tough game against some very good players from Quesada. Only two winning rinks for Vistabella which were Rosemary Savage, Ken Savage and Paul Durham 15-14, also Richard Willey, Keith Black and Gary Thorpe 18-17 both teams winning on the last end!!

In the end total scores Quesada 121-56 Vistabella. Quesada 8-4 Vistabella.

VCL summer league – Vistabella Saxons v Quesada Lions

A much better day for Vistabella out playing our rivals Quesada.  Singles: Carol Thorpe 21-11, Martin Foulcer 21-15, Pairs: Richard Willey/Maggie Furness 15-12 winners close game. Fours:  Keith Black/Paul Durham/Alan Bannister and Eric Bishop 15-13 also a close game. Total points scored: Vistabella 84-73 Quesada. Good win for Vistabella Saxons 10-2.

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