On Monday the Marlins were home to Greenland Beeches and were able to win 8-4, 77 shots to 74. The best winning triple were Colin Fowler, Richard Lewis and Ron Peters 23-11.

The Dolphins were away to Quesada Pearls where they lost 4-8, 75 shots to 91. The best winning triple were Anita Brown, Steve Cantley and Stuart Hemmings 18-14.

The Stingrays were also playing away on Monday to San Luis Vulcans, where they won 8-4, 77 shots to 72. Best winning triple were Pat Staden, Gill Brimley and Rab Harvey 25-13.


On Friday the Cherokees were home to Greenland Elms. Firstly, congratulations go to Captain Dave Homer for sending the results in on time! Unfortunately, The Cherokees lost 2-10, 82 shots to 87. The winning triple were Angelia Broadhurst, Linda Douglas and Alan Harris 26-6.

The Navajos were away to Emerald Isle Cavaliers where they lost 4-8, 78 shots to 94. Best winning triple were Bob Nesbitt, Dave Young and Mike Douglas 21-13.

The Comanches were home to Monte Mar Matadors where they lost 2-10, 72 shots to 112. The winning triple were Pat Staden, Gary Newark and Rab Harvey 25-10.

The Apaches were away to Greenland Oaks losing 4-8, 72 shots to 104, the best winning triple were Sandi Hannan, Janet Parr and Dori Svengaresson 22-14.


A reminder that the Wasps sessions take place on Wednesdays from 1.30pm for 2.00pm – €5 for an afternoon’s bowling with shoes and bowls available to borrow. Due to the popularity of the Wasps, first time bowlers are asked to attend an initial coaching session on Tuesday afternoons, starting at 1.45pm, by appointment ONLY. To book, please call Dave or Lynn Greenland on +34 667 207 508.


We welcome all bowlers who would like to join San Miguel B.C. as we are a unique club  we only pay owner fees and a club fee and NO LEAGUE RINK FEES.

For further information on San Miguel B.C please contact club secretary Barry Jones on 602 504 905 or club president Alan Campbell on 606 676 118