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On Monday the Diamonds played host to Greenlands Maples. They won on 2 rinks, lost on 3 & lost the overall picking up 4 points. Winning trips were Sue Elkington, Brian Elkington & Dennis Patrick, Ken Gordon, Dave Collings & Trevor Voisey.

The Pearls were away at Vistabella Albatrosses. They only lost on 1 game briging home 10 points. Winning teams were Graham Phillips, Mark France & Keith Lowry, Chris Brazier, Terry Morgan & Peter Morgan, Allen Bowen, Carol & Gary Thorpe, George Carnell, Violet Campbell & Fred Roberts.

Meanwhile at home the Rubies continued with their nightmare start to the season against Country Bowls Seahawks failing to win any triples.

On Wednesday the Winter League had the long trip to El Cid. They brought back 3 points courtesy of a win & a draw. 3 shots cost them another 3 points. Winning team was Terry Morgan, Brian Miller, Carol Thorpe & Peter Morgan while Allen Bowen, Ray Cole, Lin Miller & Gary Thorpe got the draw.

Onto  Friday – the Swallows were at home to San Miguel Navajos. They managed 2 wins & a draw for 5 points. Winning teams Mel & Colin Highland & Peter Morgan, Brian Trinder, Trish & Mel Ward, with Graham Phillips, Carol & Keith Lowry having a draw.

The Swans followed them onto the green to play Vistabella Picadors. They won on 4 rinks & took the overall for 10 points. Winning teams Ann Heath, Peter Farrell & Barry Armstrong, Sandra Heath, Robert Heath & Steve Hibberd, Ken Gordon, Dave Collings & Trevor Voisey, Carl Evans, Bryan Elliott & Suzi Cooper who were never ahead until they won end 18!!

Over at Greenlands the Swifts played against the Cedars. Only Sandra Johnston, Brian & Lin Miller won for 2 points.

On Tuesday Mary Ann of Paradise Rescue kennels attended the club morning to be presented with the donation for the club & club members in memory of Tommy Cunningham who was a staunch supporter of their cause. 360€ was handed over and Mary Ann thanked everyone for their generous donations.