A good week of bowling in lovely weather, great results for our club.

South Alicante Enterprise Division – Vistabella Albatrosses – bye

South Alicante Discovery Division – Vistabella Drivers v Montemar Matadors

A tough game for our guys against top of league team. A couple of winning rinks from Rosemarie Savage, Ken Savage & Alan Gordon 18-13 plus Frank Barclay, Dave Hill & Graham Doel 25 – 9. Scores went to Montemar 86pts to 78pts very close, making it a win for Montemar 8-4.

Winter League – Vistabella v BBC Bandits

Lovely to see our friends from up north, great crowd.  A very steady start by Vistabella taking the initiative with a great win at home. Good wins for Hilary James, Tony Grimes, Sue Wilson & Alan Bannister 26-8, Graham Doel, Brian Gilham, Freddie Willey & Paul Durham 19-12, Clive Smith, Barbara Brown, Arthur Brown & Maggie Furness 25-6, plus a good draw for Denise Howell, Alice Howe, Derek Howe & Don Conlon 14 – 14. Scores 84pts to 40pts in favour of Vistabella. Giving Vistabella a great win 9-1.

LLB Southern League Division B – San Luis Tigers v Vistabella Picadors(away)

A beautiful afternoon for bowls, blue skies, and sunshine. Another tremendous result for Vistabella. Wins for Keith Black, Freddie Willey & Maggie Furness 19-17, Alice Howe, Stuart Allman & Brian Dunn 19-9, John Goddard, Don Conlon & Paul Durham 19-14, plus a draw for Denise Howell, Derek Howe & Del Stevenson 14-14. Scores going to Vistabella 85pts to 71pts.Great win for Vistabella 9-3.

LLB Southern League Division C – Emerald Isle v Vistabella Conquistadors(away).

What a great result for Conquistadors with good wins for Frank Barclay, Dave Hill & Graham Doel 17-10, Rosemarie Savage, Ken Savage & Alan Gordon 17-15, Peter Horsfield, Tony Grimes & Sue Wilson 16-13, Jennifer McDonald, Mark Mathewman & John Ridley 17-12 & Julia Clarke, Jim Jepson & Steve Wilson 18-7. Giving Vistabella 85pts to Emerald Isle’s 57pts.Great win for Conquistadors 12-0.

A good week for Vistabella bowls club.

Well done everyone.

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