Last Friday our Seagulls beat Quesada Swans.  Some will say it’s daylight robbery, some will say very well done but when you give a team a 10 start and they are leading all the way through to the 17th end and then drop a 3 on the 18th make your own mind up.

Whatever you feel Audrey Birch, Norman Ship and Garth Slater get 2 points for a 21-20 win, followed by Lorita & John Rae and Len Daniels wilt a 19-13 win and Reg Jackson, Trevor Hancock and Alan Birch with a 26-15 win.  We came away with 6 points each and lost the overall with 80-105.

Monday 6th March and the last game of the season for our Explorers and Pathfinders.  Last year our Pathfinders won promotion to the Enterprise Division and to be fair found it difficult. Today they were playing to keep off the bottom and perhaps maintain their right to stay.

Today they played St Louis Clingons looking for vital points.  They fared very well winning 3 trips and a fighting chance to keep off the bottom. Winners were Hazel Towers, Trevor Stemp & Irene Magnam 19-12, Lorita and John Rae with Christine Bould 14-12, and Roger Stacey, Dave McGaw and John Morgan 19-18.

Our Explorers have been in the top 2 for most of the season, and a good win today will be necessary to gain that top spot, they were at home to the San Miguel Orcas and gained a magnificent win of 10-2 points our winners read Kath Manning, Marilyn Fryatt & Peter Parsons, 21-15, Anne Stone, Carol Smith and Tom Spencer 21-17, Margaret MacLaughlin, Mick Smith & Mike Stone 22-11, Barbara Forshaw, Jim Reeves & Alex Whyte 19-12 plus 2 points for the overall shots of 96-80.

When the results became known they were what we hoped for our Explorers win the league by just 1 pt, but what a point and hopefully promotion. The Pathfinders are off the bottom, same points as La Siesta Apollos but a better shot difference.

Friday 10th the Seagulls were at home to Vistabella Picadors and ended the season with a resounding win,  Lorita & John Rae with Irene Mangan 19-11,  Dave & Lesley Joynes with Len Daniels 19-13, Trevor Stemp, Dave McGaw and John Morgan 21-16, Hazel Towers, Norman Ship & Garth Slater 21-13 Shots 89-76.

Dave Hadaway