Division (B) The Blues welcomed San Miguel Navajos to La Siesta for an afternoon game which resulted with good wins on all of our rinks to claim the full 12 points (Shots 109-54).

The winners were; Joy & Brian Gardiner with Jean Cooper (26-9). Dawn & John Taylor with Harold Charleton (23-7). Kathleen & Noel Morrisroe with Derek Biggs (24-12). Ramsay Sinclair, Martin Harley & Karen Kirk (18-11). Les Bedford, Norman Adcroft & Jim Gracie (18-15).

An away game for the Golds to Quesada to play the Swans, where we just lost out on one rink but secured four points for wins on two others. Rinks won by; Tracey Paffett, Judy Carroll & Ken Barber (19-14). Mags Haines, Derek Barker & John Skipper (19-14). Result 4-8 (Shots 74-89).

Division (C) Not a very good home result for the Silvers against Country Bowls Panther`s, which saw the visitors leave with the full 12 points (Shots 68-103).

Enterprise For the Apollos afternoon game it was La Marina Pathfinders, where we got close on two rinks and ended up winning on three by; Ramsay Sinclair, Martin Harley & Karin Kirk (30-11). Kathleen & Noel Morrisroe with Mike Inns (25-18). Joy & Brian Gardiner with Jim Gracie (17-12). Won 8-4 (Shots 97-74).

Discovery The Pioneers were entertained by Vistabella Drivers, who won on four rinks but were unable to stop, Tracey Paffett, Judy Carroll & Ken Barber (18-13) from winning on the other for two points and the game ended 2-10 (Shots 69-101).

Voyager The Sputniks played host to Monte Mar Matadors, which saw some rinks going very close and could have gone either way, which is reflected in the overall (Shots 90-98). The game ended with wins on two rinks by; Jim Gwynn, Maggie & Steve Gray (22-17). Lesley & Wayne Howlett with David Whitworth (19-17). Result 4-8.

Interested in joining La Siesta members run bowls club, there is always something going on with George´s Chicken and Egg, every Wednesday 1.30 for 2pm, Mike & Grahams roll up every Saturday 9.30 for 9.50 am. Just pop in or call the President George 865772498 or the Captain Wendy 633 068 399 who will be pleased to give you any further information you may require.