It’s competition time and Don has the unenviable task of juggling time and space to make everything available to finish by March.

They started Sat 23rd October with 4 men’s singles on a unknown carpet after Friday’s tremendous drenching.  The results being Mike Stone 21 – Alex Maurice 8,  Trevor Stemp 21 – Trevor Hancock 9.  We had 2 no shows so Don Fowkes and David Southwell go through by default.

Monday 25th and guess who we played against? The Emerald Isle, the Explorers played the Moonrakers at home and the Pathfinders travelled to the Isle to play against the Neptunes.  At home we had a resounding win 8 points to 2, and I feel I must mention the trip of Margaret Maclaughlin, Mike Smith and Peter Parsons who won 28-2 helping us to 79 shots for and 46 against.  At the Isle we won 6 – 4 winning the overall shots 62 – 60, thanks mainly to our top winning trip of Trevor Stemp, Garth Slater and Alex Maurice who won 25 – 6, an outstanding result away from home.  Well done all.

Barclays Properties league, and those Lambs are still the team in form, this week beating the Seals 7 – 1.  The other big winners this week were the Pandas who climbed over the Dolphins with a 8 – 0 victory and the Tigers who roared off the bottom with a 6 – 2 win over the Collies.

Friday – and surprise, surprise the Emerald Isle were not involved but Greenlands are twice.  The re-schedules of Seaguls v Greenlands Cedars resulted in a very disappointing 1 v 9 loss, and Friday’s game of Sharks V Greenlands Oaks had another disappointing result losing 2 – 8.