What a week for Quesada bowls club.  Five of our six teams won, whilst the sixth had a rest day.  Twas the Pearls who had a day off from South Alicante league div 1 action, but div 2 side Diamonds had a great 8-4 win over at La Siesta.

Against the Pioneers, these 3 rinks helped earn the points – G Kershaw, S Jakeman, A Benson 21-13. A Bowen, B Elliott, S Cooper 22-15. K Gordon, D Collings, T Voisey 18-17.

Div 3 side Rubies recorded an even better 10-2 result, at home to La Siesta Sputniks.  Well done – L Armstrong, A Johnston, B Armstrong 22-6. C Bowles, D Gould, P Bradbury 24-13. S Johnston, B & L Miller 27-16. J Cleal, M Holmes, D Riley 19-11.

In the Southern league, all our 3 teams ended the day victorious.  Swallows were up against CB Geckos at home, coming away with a very useful 8-4 scoreline.  Here’s the winning rinks – C Brazier, M France, Jason P 21-16. T Morgan, C Dye, M Ward 22-14. G Carnell, V Campbell, F Roberts 18-15.

Swans were also at home, also achieving the same 8-4 result.  These 3 winning rinks contributed to beating San Miguel Navajos – C Bowles, D Gould, K Bowles 21-12. L Armstrong, P Bottle, T Voisey 21-11. G Kershaw, P Farrell, A Benson 22-10.

But it was Swifts who recorded the best result of the day, coming away from El Rancho with a great 9-3 victory over the Mustangs.  Get in there – K Gordon, D Collings, A Reid 20-20. S Johnston, B & L Miller 34-11. C Skinner, S Jakeman, G Skinner 15-14. J Cleal, M Holmes, P Bradbury 19-13.