11-21 down 3 ends to go, so where’s the excitement.  Ask Mo Kidd, Cliff Rawlinson and Mike Smith and they will tell you there is always hope.  Pick up 6 on the 16th end, 4 on the 17th and drop 1 on the 18th to lose 21-22, such a shame.

This all happened on Monday 2nd May at home against Country Bowls where we lost 2 trips and won 3 plus a overall shot difference of 87-79 to secure a 8-4 win.

Wednesday 4th and we find ourselves at St Louis in the rain.  If the conditions are too bad after 2 thirds of play the result can stand, at 2 thirds we would have secured 2 points, but the decision was to carry on and we ended up with 10 points, although very wet but happy players.

Bowls is basically a simple game, get closer to the jack than your opponent but like all life it cannot proceed without rules/laws.  Anyone can play without being questioned on their knowledge of the rules but to be an official you have to have knowledge and capabilities assessed.

Fred and Gail Wiltshire (in this area), take their own time and effort to ensure we have plenty of umpires and markers available. With this in mind they have recently run a markers course to which we sent 3  members to become qualified markers. Read Norman Ship’s report on the experience elsewhere on this site.