San Miguel Bowls - Barry Jones
San Miguel Bowls - Barry Jones

San Miguel Bowls Club

San Miguel held their Valentines weekend competition which ended in a very close final with Ann Eagle & Rob Honeywell playing Carol Rudge and Gary Raby.  Ann & Rob pulled away 8-1, then Gary & Carol picking up a 5 closing the gap to 8-6.  A great 2 days bowling, thanks to all who took part and supported it.

In the SABA league, the PULSARS were at home against Monte Mar Matadors drawing on shots 101 each, and sharing the points 7 across.  Well played by Alan Booth, Janet Thomas, John Raby 28-11;  Pat McEwan, Jan Farmer, Dave McEwan 15-10;  Ian Hope, Keith Green, Alan Campbell 24-15.

The COMETS were away to San Luis Trekkers managing to pick up 6 points, just missing the shots 94 to 96.  Good games by Sheila Errington, Val Davis, Frank Scotthern 28-13;  Meg Brownlee, Sandra Hannan, Bill Brownlee 21-10;  Brian Errington, Rosamond Stockell, Rob Honeywell 21-8.

The METEORS had a good result at home against Emerald Isle Titans winning 10 points to 4.  Tony Sansom, Cliff Plaisted, Steve Cantley 20-16;  Brian Allen, Lee Sinclair, Lynn Greenland 27-14;  Noel Davis, Len Rudge, Fred Willshire 19-10;  Brian Miller, Alan Patterson, Lin Miller 15-14, hard lines to Chris Colliers team, lost by 1 shot.  Shots 110 to 90.

In the Fed Fours, the CHEROKEES played the MOHAWKS, with the CHEROKEES winning on all rinks.  Very well played to Cliff Plaisted, Len Rudge, Steve Cantley, Gary Raby 22-12;  Noel Davis, Chris Collier, Gail & Fred Willshire 20-17;  Val Collier, Lee Sinclair, Rob Honeywell, Lynn Greenland 22-18.  Shots for 64, against 47.

The APACHES were at home to Monte Mar Lords winning 5 points to 3, with shots 54 each.  Very close games on all rinks.  Pat McEwan, Ken Hope, Brian Allen, Dave McEwan 19-18;  Margaret Patterson, Paul Hayward, John Marshall, Alan Campbell 16-15.  John Rabys team lost by 2.

The WINTER LEAGUE also drew away at Javea, picking up 6 points each, losing the shots 74 to 95.  Well done to Ann Allen, Dave Johnson, Brian Miller, Steve Cantley 18-11;  Allan Patterson, Lee Sinclair, Gail & Fred Willshire 16-13;  Carol Rudge, Brian Allen, Stuart Hemmings, Stuart Denholm 20-19.

In the Southern League, the JAGUARS had a bad day at home against San Luis Lions, only managing to pick up 1 point. Pat McEwan, Jan Farmer, Dave McEwan were in the lead the whole game, but San Luis fought back hard over the last 4 ends, the result ending in a draw 18 across.

For further information on San Miguel Bowls Club please contact the President, Rosamond Stockell, telephone 965329778 or Secretary Pat McEwan, telephone 966714257