I would like to split the report into 2 this week so that we can give due respect to Barclays Properties during the last 18 months, which has been difficult for all concerned, and when the green was finally opened to it’s own members to bowl we had to find a interest as inter-club playing was still banned.

Barclays Properties offered us sponsorship which we gladly accepted, and Don Fowkes took on the responsibility of setting up an internal league.

We called it the Barclay Properties Winter league and it proved very successful.  On behalf of all the members I would like to thank Barclays Properties and Don Fowkes for their support.

Wednesday was the last game of 18 and the prizes were given out.  The Lambs had proved outstanding and have held the lead vigour sly throughout the competition.  Well done, Sue Daniels, Anne Stone, Mike Smith and Cliff Rawlinson.

Monday 29th second place Pathfinders played away to mid-table La Siesta Pioneers and although we each won 2 trips we lost the overall shots 52-72, 4 points however was enough to keep them in second place.

Have you heard the story of the London Buses, you wait a hour then 2 come along together. Well that seems to be the same story of scoring 30, last week I said it is a rare occurrence and this week against St Louis Trekkers, our Explorers scored 2.  Anne Stone, Mike Smith and Peter Parsons won 36-9 and not to be outdone Mo Kidd, Paul Tregoing and Mike Stone won 38-4 giving us 2 points for the 102-49 shot difference plus 6 points for 3 wins, give a final total of 8-2.

December 3rd and the Sharks met Vistabell Lanzadores at our home and unfortunately only secured 2 points although in truth most of the games could have gone either way.   Our thanks go to Janet Parsons, Margaret McLaughlin and Mike Stone for those oh so valuable 2 points. The Seagull are away at Emerald Isle in the afternoon, so will have to wait until next week for the report as we do not want to miss the deadline again.