A busy 3 days for the competition secretary Don Fowkes this week with games on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Monday’s men’s pairs game I did not see as I had a appointment with Rock n Roll Bingo, so I will just give the result Mike Smith and Mike Stone beat Alex Whyte and Tom Spencer 20-12.  Congratulations to the Mikes.

Tuesday saw men’s and ladies pairs – Len Daniels and John Rae versus Garth Slater and Steve Sydell, this game came to a climax with the score at 17-17 at 17 ends.  To be fair it was not the most exciting end until Len who was leading left his last wood of his game as a front toucher, which meant Steve had to attack it with positive woods which left us with a very exciting finish.  Unfortunately for himself and Garth near misses mean nothing and Len and John went on to win 20-17.

The Ladies pairs, on the 14th end you would have thought done and dusted when Irene Mangum and Marilyn Fryatt pulled ahead with a 4 to lead 18-9 however Lesley Joynes and Sue Daniels won 3 of the last 4 ends just missing out on the 4th by one shot to lose 16-19. Thank you all for a entertaining Tuesday afternoon, and congratulations to the winners.

With Wednesday games of mixed pairs I thougt there may have been some excitement on the green, with 4 married couples playing each other in a knock out competition, but no the married couples had nothing but praise for each other.  Alex and Margaret shot off fast to gain a lead of 10-4 at 8 ends.  Then Anne and Mike Stone won 4 of the next 5 ends to lead 12-15. A lead they kept until the end winning 14-19.

Lesley & David Joynes had a marvellous tussle with Janet and Peter Parsons with them leading 12-11 after 14 ends, with Dave holding a wood touching the jack on the 15th, causing Peter to change his hand with his last wood, when he drew to also touch the jack, and make the 15th a non-scoring end.  A shot that changed the game for himself and Janet who then went on to win 17-13.  Again thank you and congratulations to all.

Dave Hadaway.