La Marina Club Finals
La Marina Club Finals

It has happened again. This time the Pathfinders playing at home lost to Greenlands by two points because they lost the overall score by ONE shot again.

Thanks John Morgan, Mike Brain and Jeff Collins they won 23-10. The same to Garth Slater, Berni Carr and our Barbara Forshaw winning 22-15 and last but certainly not least thanks to Dave Taylor, Arthur Cronk and Jean Tregoing who won 21-12 . Then it was an Oh Dear for the Explorers playing the Pearls at Quesada where they lost 12- 2.

We had one winning rink that comprised of Peter Parsons, Phil Pape and Hilary Cronk 16-12.  Travelled up to the BBC for our Winter League and came away frustrated and a bit disappointed with our result which showed a 10-2 loss. John Rae, Steve Hindle, Kathy Manning and Janet Parsons showed how it should be done.

Not a win so far this week, what can Friday bring?  The Merlins entertained the E.I. Claymores in the morning and managed to lose this one as well 10-4.  Perhaps it was the drizzly rain that affected us.  Bill Jones, George Furzer and Reg Jackson won 24-21 and the only other victors were Barry and Wendy Latham and Jean Tregoing winning 18-14. Disaster week with all losing. 

In other words the other E.I. team of the Cavaliers came over to us and won 10-4.  The only two rinks to win were Don and Jean Fowkes and Tom Spencer 19-17 and Dave Hadaway, Mike and Anne Stone.  Good on the families.

La Marina Club Finals

The weather was lovely for our Club Finals Weekend and some of the bowling was outstanding.  So well done to all the participants from start to finish and best of luck to all those going on to the Champion of Champions.

La Marina Club Finals
La Marina Club Finals

Men’s Trips  Winners: Arthur Cronk, Jim Freeman, Don Fowkes.

Runners Up: Steven Hindle, Dave McGaw, John Rae.

Drawn Pairs Winners: Maureen Kidd, Shirley Hadaway

Runners Up Margaret Finlayson, Don Fowkes

Legg Trophy Winner Don Fowkes

Runner Up Margaret Finlayson

Pensioners Urn Winner John Rae

Runner Up Alex Whyte

Mixed Rinks Winners Hilary and Arthur Cronk, Shirley and Dave Hadaway

Runners Up Ann Stone, Carol Smith, Mike Smith, Mike Stone

Mixed Trips Winners  Jean Fowkes, Jim Freeman, Don Fowkes

Runners Up Margaret McLaughlin, Tom Spencer, Alex Whyte

Mixed Pairs Winners Margaret Finlayson, Barry Latham

Runners Up Margaret McLaughlin, Alex Whyte

Ladies Pairs Winners Mo Taylor, Margaret Finlayson

Runners Up Anne Stone, Carol Smith

Men’s Pairs Winners Tom Spencer, Alex Whyte

Runners Up Dave McGaw, John Rae

Ladies Singles Winner Shirley Hadaway

Runner Up Margaret McLaughlin

Men’s Singles Winner Peter Parsons (Now winner for last three years)

Runner Up Dave Taylor