San Luis Bowls Club Report 23.02.18.
San Luis Bowls Club Report 23.02.18.

A mixed week for our teams; with some struggling to have enough players due to illness.

Monday 19th February: Klingons good result, home v Q Pearls; 10-4, shots 103-99. Winners: Janet McEneany, June & Keith Jones 16-15, Kath Reid, Neil Morrison, Ian Kenyon 21-15, Colin Jackson, Keith Phillips, Mal Hughes 19-13, Margaret Morrison, Ray Clarke, Russell Marks 18-17.

Trekkers, useful points away v GL Maples; 10-4 shots 97-82. Winners: Bill Webb, Les Bedford, Brian Pocock 29-3, Beryl Regan, Allen Bowen, Barry Edwards 14-12, Helen Hammond, Barry Roseveare, Scott Malden 16-10, Mags Haines, Jo & Jules Pering 18-13.

Romulans home v ER Raiders; no information.

Vulcans away v CB Flamingos; excellent 12-2, 119shots-94. Winners: Ray Watmough, Derek Barker, Dave Steadman 20-12, Audrey Ford, Brenda Brown, Bob Bromley 20-12, James Wright, Margaret Clarke, Geoff Shand 22-16, Chris Jackson, Chris Brooks, Drew Russell 24-20, Denis Jackson, Kevin Hull, Charlie Marigold 17-13.

Wednesday 21st Winter League home v Benitachell, excellent result; 10-2, shots 116-67. Winners: Shirley Verity, Ray Clarke, Jules Pering, Russell Marks 17-14, William Holtham, Ann Holland, Peter McEneany, Mal Hughes 27-15, Kath Reid, Neil Morrison, Scott Malden, Ian Kenyon 28-9, Irene Everett, Jo Pering, Brian Pocock, Tom Hill 29-12. Berleen Trophy, hard fought game, winners: Pam Lockett, Sheila Cammack, Vic Slater, Roy Cordell 16-15.

FED 4’s: Thursday 22nd, Ospreys home v SM Cherokees; 2-6, shots 47-59. Winners: Ann Holland, Giuseppe Galelli, Neil Morrison, Mal Hughes 17-14.

Condors home v SM Apaches great result; 8-0, 73-45. Winners: Steve Simmons, Ros Holmes, Jan Pocock, Les Bedford 32-16, Sally Cordell, Mags Haines, Mike Regan, Peter McEneany 24-13, Bill Webb, Margaret & Ray Clarke, Brian Pocock 17-16.

Bazas away v CBowls 6-2, 55 shots-48. Winners: Ian Ross, Mary Fromson, Sue Ross, Charlie Marigold 22-10, Ralph Jones, Danny McErlean, Cas Blay Tom Fromson 22-10.

Friday 23rd Lions home v LM Ospreys; 9-5, 96shots-96. Winners: Colin Jackson, Keith Phillips, Mal Hughes 15-10, Margaret Morrison, Ray Pollock, Roy Cordell 18-14, Pam Lockett, June & Keith Jones 18-15, Lynne Morris, Ray Clarke, Tom Hill 21-15.

Tigers away v Q Swifts; 6-8, 93shots-111. Winners: Shirley Verity, Jo & Jules Pering 16-12, Ros Holmes, Peter Fuller, Derrick Cooper 18-17, Irene Everett, Mike Smith, Vic Slater 21-18.

Leopards away v CB Geckos, tough day; 0-14, 66 shots-102.

Pumas home v GL Cedars; no details, 5-9, 84 shots-94.

Information:  or contact June Jones, Captain: 691903773.

Sheila Cammack.