Narrow win for National Squad at Indalo
Narrow win for National Squad at Indalo

Narrow win for National Squad at Indalo by Graham Cathcart

Well, what can I say…. Another cracking, very enjoyable Test Match against Malaga.

Spain won 34-30 points, BUT this test match is about so much more than just winning. For the squad, it is about trying different things and trying different people in different positions and in different combinations. It is also about team gelling.

As manager of the squad, I am pleased, nay proud, to say that each and every member of the squad passed each test and showed how “tight” the squad is.

Over and above that, we got to play against a very motivated and well organised Malaga Squad who were more than “up for it” to beat the Spanish squad.

Congratulations must be given to our opponents for providing us a good test and more importantly for playing it in a competitive but fair manner. They played the game in the correct spirit.

Big thanks and congratulations must go to Margaret and Gordon Kane, as they were responsible for pulling the Malaga squad together and making the necessary arrangements and plans. That is more work than most people will appreciate.

Both Gordon and Margaret should be proud of what they helped achieve by their hard work.

They showed just what hard work, can achieve, along with of course the experience they have accumulated over the years and by knowing what they are talking about.

With the rest of the Spanish National Bowls 2018 squad, I look forward to renewing acquaintances and adversaries (in the nicest possible way) in 2019.