Winter league win for the Emerald Isle at La Marina
Winter league win for the Emerald Isle at La Marina

Emerald Isle Bowls Club by Elwyn Morris

Monday brought Quesada Pearls to the Isle and the visitors went away 10-4, aggregate 92-115, winners for EI were: M Riley L Vincent J Rimmer 32-17, D Jones G Odell M Odell, 18-17

Quesada Diamonds visited the EI in the afternoon and went away 10-4 aggregate,  94-105, winners were: D Horne S Watson J Loughran 23-6, A Brown B Eldred L Fisher 17-14.

Emerald Isle travelled to La Marina in Winter league on Wed and came away with a fine 9-3 win aggregate of 79-73, winners were: D Jones B Doran J Pooley C Lindgren 25-13, C Thomas M Thomas R White A M Stevenson 18-17, P Heaney S Johnson D Birkett I Brewster 15-14, and a draw was played out by J Mulloy M Whitelock M Odell J Rimmer 12-12

Thursday the Leprechauns played at San Miguel Mohawks and were beaten 8-0, aggregate of 37-51

Friday saw the Outlaws as the only team to play and they went to Horadada Royals and got beaten 4-10, aggregate of  65-82, winners were B Taylor M Willicott A Fay 21-9, T Roche R Fooks F King 17-7