Vistabella Bowls Report With Lynne Bishop.

Well done Vistabella for winning the second round in the PREMIER TWENTY knockout , playing La Marina we had two home and three away wins, we meet San Luis in the semi final…everything to play for!

SAL ENTERPRISE LEAGUE. The Albatrosses gave the Emerald Isle Titans a run for their money by winning five rinks to one..thanks to S Kemp, C Watkins & M Furness 32-11. L Watkins, S Burrows & P Whitehall 24-12. G Fisher, S Allman & Gordon Fisher 23-13. O Ratcliffe, SJ Broadhurst & K Cuthbert  22-15 and N Burrows, A Brown & B Zelin 16-10. Shots, VB 34(12) – 80(2) EI.

The Drivers game was cancelled due to inclement weather and the Discovery league Eagles had a bye.

WINTER LEAGUE at home vs Quesada. Three good wins plus the points for the long game.  Wins from S Kemp, T French, B Zelin & G Thorpe 22-8. L Watkins, S Burrows, P Whitehall & E Bishop 19-7. G Fisher, M Foulcer, C Thorpe & Gordon Fisher 18-12. Shots, VB 78(8) – 72(4) Q. Quesada won the Berleen.

FED 4’s. The Vikings at home vs San Miguel Mohawks picked up a good win from the teams of D Gunning, F Barclay, B Ray & L Barber 25-13 and G Fisher, P Ray, A Brown & Gordon Fisher 20-11. Shots, VB 58(6) – 40(2) SM.

SOUTHERN LEAGUE Div A. Lanzadores at home vs Emerald Isle Cavaliers. L Bishop, C Watkins & Peter Whitehall 20-14.The following three teams turned their games around on the last couple of ends, well done.  S Kemp, B Norris & B Zelin 23-17. S Whitehall, SJ Broadhurst & B Dunn 21-18. L Watkins, A Brown & M Furness 16-14. Shots, VB 111 (10) – 108 (4) EI.

Picadors at home vs San Miguel Jaguars won on two rinks and a drawn game. K Hardy, B Pointon & C Thorpe 21-9. D Leggatt, Mo & Martin Foulcer 20-12. P Ray, J Neve & G Thorpe 16-16. Shots, VB 94 (5) – 95 (9) SM.

Div C Conquistadores away to San Luis Pumas. Two winning rinks, R Smith, D & J Harwood 25-11. K Rennison, S Kirk & R Pownall 17-14. Shots, VB 88(4) – 121(10) SL.

Well done everyone.