Powerful display from Emerald Isle Titans
Powerful display from Emerald Isle Titans

Emerald Isle Bowls Club by Elwyn Morris

Monday brought Monte Mar Matadors to the Isle and the Titans won the game 12-2, aggregate 125-89, winners were C Parsons J Rimmer A M Stevenson 28-4, M Riley, J Westall S Westall 23-13, P Heaney S Johnson I Brewster18-13, M Veale L Vincent P Willicott 17-15, S Wickens G Odell M Odell 20-19

The Neptunes travelled to play Monte Mar Toreadors, and had a great 12-2 win aggregate 118-81, winning trips were C Ayling C Warner J Mullarkey 25-10  L Harris D Horne B Kavanagh 25-12, M Shatwell B Eldred G Shatwell 20-10  L Burns M Petty P Creswell 19-18, V Cameron L Hawkins B Smith 18-17

The Moonrakers played Quesada Diamonds and got beaten 1-13, the trip that drew was P Horton M Elliot G Ferguson 16-16

The Cavaliers were at home on Friday against LA Marina Ospreys and got a 8-6 win aggregate of 103-95, winners were M Riley J Pooley P Willicott 26-13,S Wickens K Jolliffe D Gerrard 22-9, C Parsons L Vincent M Odell 19-15

The Claymores played at home on Friday morning but had a bad day losing 3-11 aggregate of  101—119, winners were L Hawkins D Rhodes B Smith 22-18,and the draw of 22-22 by, L Burns C Warner J Mullarkey,

The Outlaws travelled to Quesada Swifts and slipped to a 3-11 aggregate of 75-129, winners were G Dyer E Brookes T Kelly 15-14 and a draw was played out by B Taylor B Smith M Willicott 12–12