Quesada rain on El Rancho Pinto's Parade

This week’s “scattered” showers, fortunately did not stop play. Monday 30th:

Enterprise Div. SL Klingons, home v SM Pulsars had a good result 12-2, shots 142-72. Winners: Janet McEneany, Ann Holland, Peter McEneany 25-12, Pat Bird, Ray Pollock, Graham Bird 24-12, Margaret Morrison, Sabrina Marks, Russell Marks 30-13, Colin Jackson, Keith Phillips, Giuseppe Galelli 28-7, Kath Reid, Neil Morrison, Ian Kenyon 20-12.

Discovery Div. SL Trekkers, a good result home v GL Sycamores 12-2, shots 144-69. Winners: Helen Hammond, Barry Roseveare, Scott Malden 26-8, Shirley Verity, Jo & Jules Pering 26-5, Judy Carroll, Les Bedford, Derrick Cooper 26-15, Irene Everett, Beryl Regan, Vic Slater 20-11, Ros Holmes, Bill Webb, Mike Regan 33-9.

Voyager Div. SL Vulcans away, v LS Pioneers, 3-11 81 shots-120. Winners: Derek Barker, Ray Watmough, Babs Shand 16-13, Doug & Fay Beattie, Geoff Shand 13-13.

SL Romulans, BYE

Wednesday 1st Winter League home v San Miguel; a great result 11points-1, 110 shots-65. Winners: Lynne Morris, Mike Regan, June & Keith Jones 17-17, Kath Reid, Neil Morrison, Scott Malden, Ian Kenyon 22-12, Ann Holland, Keith Phillips, Peter McEneany, Sabrina Marks, 22-12, Shirley Verity, Ray Clarke, Jules Pering, Russell Marks 28-11, Irene Everett, Jo Pering, Roy Cordell, Tom Hill 21-13.

Our Berleen team: Margaret Morrison, Pam Lockett, Sheila Cammack, Giuseppe Galelli won 16-14 taking the 2 points.

Friday 3rd Southern League: Div. A, SL Lions, away v Q Swallows, a hard fought match 10-4, shots 107-96. Winners: Kath Reid, Neil Morrison, Ian Kenyon 22-21, Pam Lockett, June & Keith Jones 23-11, Lynne Morris, Ray Clarke, Tom Hill 19-14, Colin Jackson, Bob White, Keith Phillips 20-15.

Div. B, SL Tigers, home v EI Claymores, a great result 11-3, shots 118-90. Winners: Helen Hammond, Barry Roseveare, Scott Malden 23-10, Judy Carroll, Barry Edwards, Derrick Cooper 21-14 Margaret Roseveare, Mike Smith, Mike Regan 24-11, Ros Holmes, Mags Haines, Les Bedford 19-14, Irene Everett, Bill Webb, Vic Slater 16-16.

Div. C, SL Leopards home v MM Toreadors; a good result 10-4, shots 135-93. Winners: Dennis Jackson, Dave Tilley, Charlie Marigold 30-6, Doug & Fay Beattie, Geoff Shand 31-11, Marie Henley, Kath Waywell, Bob Bromley 17-11, Pat Tilley, Ray Whatmough, Babs Shand 21-16.

SL Pumas away v LS Golds had a tough day at the office; 2-12, 67shots-132. Winners: Mario Cavilla, Terry Baylis, Joe Millis 15-12.

Club information: www.sanluisbowls.byethost7.com or contact June Jones, Club Captain: 691 903 773.