Home win for El Cid

Monday morning found the Pintos entertaining San Miguel Comets in a light but varying breeze, which caused a little consternation all round. We were in good company, though a few of us struggled a little, but it didn’t spoil the morning. Both teams took 3 rinks and the Comets took the overall shots by a small margin, it makes you thinks were you might have picked up or saved the odd shot. 

Meanwhile the Raiders were away at Mazarron against their Mariners and found the match a bit of an uphill struggle, coming away without a point. But sometimes it goes like that, you maybe don’t play your best or perhaps you are just against a stronger team. But it is only a game, which we play for fun and good company, even though we all like a win.

Friday morning found the Mustangs playing host to Mazarron Miners, the Miners being a bowler short, were up against it. Both sides played good bowls, but the Mustangs took advantage of the home mat, to take 3 of the remaining 5 rinks and the overall shots. But we had an excellent morning’s bowls, with good humour and company.

Geoff Jones, Keith Cunningham and David Whitworth 16-14. June Whitworth, Henry Ryder and Richard Lee 26-10. Judith Foley, Jane Hamill and Stew Hamill, 10-0 (conceded). Barbara Jones, Sheila Cooper and Jim Taylor 12-13. Diane Yates, Bob Taylor and John Skipper 14-22. Jan Bright, Malc Sykes and Bob Morgan 24-20. 

Meanwhile the Broncos were away to San Luis Leopards, were despite playing some good bowls, came away with just the one rink, but they enjoyed the occasion and wins are bound to follow. Pam Harris, Graham Day and Brian Harris 15-28. Peter Bagwell, Peter Blackburn and Rob Clark 16-20. Gary Dunstone, Bob Easthope and Barry Bright 22-13. Ann C Taylor, Denise Morgan and Malc Elmore 11-18. Jean Bagwell, Ron Edwards and Mike Ager 12-21. Marion Haynes, John Richards and Dave Haynes 13-18.

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