Dukes completed the rain delayed game at San Luis Falcons on Saturday and they slipped to a 4-8 Aggregate 68-86 defeat. C Lindgren 21-10, S Marks R Marks 19-14

Vulcans played at home against Quesada Lancasters and had a fine win by 8-4 Aggregate of 82-71      N Prior G Wallis D Jones 22-12, M Oakley M Ellis S Elvin 18-10, S Kavanagh M Willicott B Kavanagh 17-16

Victors were at Greenlands Gladiators and got beaten 0-12 Aggregate of 46-138

Earls played a rain delayed game at home against Country Bowls Red Kites and were also beaten 1-11 Aggregate of 69-114, M McCelland K John J MacGregor drew 16-16

Dukes played at home against Quesada Lions and they had a fine win by 9-3 Aggregate of 105-84, D Jones 21-16, S Elvin 21-17, S Kavanagh N Davis C Lindgren drew 16 all

Earls played at home against San Miguel Deputies and they got beaten 4-8, Aggregate of 68-96   P Willicott 21-20, C Udell G Digby M Willicot 18-11

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Elwyn Morris