Monday saw the San Miguel Moors at home to Vistabella Fairways where they had an excellent 9-3 win.  Some close games as the shots of 83 to 81 show.  Highest winning triple was Allan Patterson, Ken Hope and Sheila Booth who won 25-12.  Lynn Greenland, Pat McEwan and Stuart Hemmings won 17-13 and our ladies trip of Margaret Patterson, Janet Parr an Sandi Hannan winning 19-18.    The San Miguel Christians were away against Country Bowls Red Kites where they lost 10-2 with the only winning triple of Ian Hope, Stan North and Bob Donnelly winning 20-18.  Shots were 61 to San Miguel and 121 to Country Bowls.

Wednesday 31st May saw San Miguel Sheriffs take on Greenlands Giants but it was a bad day at the office for the Sheriffs losing 0-12, however there were a couple of games that could have gone either way with the gents singles losing 21-19 and the pairs losing 22-21. Shots were 71-102.  The San Miguel Deputies were playing away at Emerald Isle where they won 8-4 with the highest winners the rink of Tom Dalgleish, Anne Young, Bob Donnelly and Eddie Cowan winning 25-10.  Overall shots were 96-68.

A reminder that the WASPS sessions take place on a Wednesday 1.30 for 2pm – 5 euros for an afternoons bowling with shoes and bowls available to borrow.  Due to the popularity of the Wasps, first time bowlers are asked to attend an initial coaching session on a Tuesday afternoon starting at 1.45pm by appointment ONLY.  To book please call Dave or Lynn Greenland on 667 207 508.  Due to the Christmas and New Year break Coaching will not be available until Tuesday 17th 2023 January and WASPS not until 18th January 2023,

We welcome all bowlers who would like to join San Miguel Bowls Club as we are a unique club only paying owner fees and a club fee.  NO LEAGUE RINK FEES.

For further information please contact secretary Barry Jones on 602 504 905 or president Alan Campbell on 606 676 118.