WOW what a morning, watching our San Luis home team playing against some of Greenlands very experienced and competitive players, was exhausting!

It just shows how important team work is (as well obviously, as skill, strong nerves and good luck) because all of our players contributed in different ways.

Some team members didn’t win on this day but still kept battling and others had had success, or put up a great fight in previous rounds, which all contributed to San Luis getting through to this final.

There were some untidy heads, some incredibly close heads, some “oh dear where’s that shot gone to?”, some “I can’t look” shots – “did they miss?” and “we’ve picked up how many?!!” so plenty of entertainment for the spectators, even better that we were enjoying the warm sunshine.

We won the Pairs & Triples at home & the Pairs, Triples & Rinks away = 10 points – 6

Our home team:
Singles – Neil Morrison, Pairs – Kath Reid & Ian Kenyon, Triples – Neil & Sandra Burrows & Scott Malden, Rinks – Giuseppe Galelli, Bob Bromley, John Dowell & Dave Webb.
Our away team:
Singles – Bill Webb, Pairs – June & Keith Jones, Triples – Dee Hoey, Caroline & John Smyth, Rinks – Jane Hamill, Tricia & Pat Reilly & Stewart Hamill.

To update our history: since the inception of the Premier 20 Knockout competition in 2008/09, 8 different clubs have won the trophy but only San Luis has won it more than twice, now making it a record 5 times!! Success comes and goes; in 2015/16 we won the Premier 20 for the 3rd time, + the Winter League (Orcas), & the Berleen league, the Southern league, the South Alicante winter league Div B (Trekkers), 2016 – South Alicante Summer league (Wellingtons) & VCL (Falcons). Like many other clubs we’ve had some struggles, particularly since the Covid period hit us all, losing players through changes of circumstances, Brexit, and sadly ill health. Some weeks more time could be spent in health appointments than actually playing out on the green (speaking for myself; where did the last 20 years go?).

We may not have topped any leagues this season but, as a team the brilliant BLUES are still a force to be reckoned with, CONGRATULATIONS to everyone involved and here’s to next year!

Sheila Cammack