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VOYAGER DIVISION – Monday 27th February, Monte Mar Matadors v Emerald Isle Moonrakers

At home to the Moonrakers we won on four rinks well done: Gina Hindle, Sue Bounds skip David Eades, Paul Dodd, Cindy Bedford skip Neil Crawford, Colin Bedford Steve Leatherland skip Barry Watson and Lynne Armitage, Steve Hindle skip Keith Young. Shots Matadors 127 – 61 Moonrakers, Points Matadors 10 – 2 Moonrakers.

DIVISION C. Friday 3rd March – Monte Mar Matadors v Greenlands Elms

At home to the Elms we won on two rinks and drew on one rink well done: Gina Hindle, Steve Hindle skip Barry Watson, Colin Bedford jean Chamberlain skip Neil Crawford and the drawing rink Jan Soars, Rod Chamberlain skip Phil Goble. Shots Matadors 100 – 80 Elms. Points matadors 7 – 5 Elms.

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