Monday 6th and the Explorers were away to Vistabella Drivers, and had a great morning coming away with a win of 8-4.  Although the shot difference could not have been closer at 78-77 in our favour.  Our winning trips were Janet Parsons, Jim Reeves & Alex Whyte 22-11, Margaret McLaughlin, Mike Smith & Margaret Finlayson 17-14 and Barbara Forshaw, Kath Manning & Tom Spencer 17-11.

Our Pathfinders were at home to Vistabella A team, the Albatrosses where the shot difference worked against us, two trips were 14-15 (so close) and the shot difference was 59-95 against us, so we ended up with nil points.

Before the Friday’s games results the league tables have been published, our Sharks are 7th with 54 points, the Leaders on 99 and the bottom team 22.   Our Seagulls are 6th on 71 points, the leaders on 89, and the bottom team on 26.

The Birds are flying every week now and the current table is

1 – Puffins, 2 – Sparrows, 3 – Magpies, 4 – Eagles, 5 – Swans, 6 – Robins.

Our Leading Puffins consist of John Rae, Janet Parsons, Trevor Hancock & Tom Spencer.

Friday’s games and the Seagulls done well at home against Quesada Swifts, to help improve their league position 9-3, our winning trips being Audrey Birch, Norman Ship, & Garth Slater 25-16, Paul & Jean Tregoing with Alan Birch 21-13, and Les & David Joynes with Len Daniels 18-10, and our drawn side was Trevor Hancock, John Morgan and Alex Morrice 15-15 giving us a shot difference of 96-75.

Unfortunately, our Sharks trip to the Emerald Isle was not so promising as they came away with 0 points against what proved to be a very strong opposition.

Dave Hadaway