Titans kicked off the week away at San Miguel Beagles and had a fine 7-3 Aggregate 63-62 win. N Prior G Ponsford D Gerrard 17-14, L Ponsford C Smyth J Smyth 18-17, S Kavanagh J Pooley A M Gerrard drew 15-15

Neptunes played at home against San Luis Trekkers and got a great 8-2 Aggregate of 81-60 win, B Taylor B Smith P Heaney 24-10, G Dyer S Johnson I Grimshaw 23-15, J Mulloy J Loughran T Upham18-16

Wednesday brought El Cid to the Isle in the Winter League and the Isle remain top after a fine 8-2 Aggregate 81-49 win

Cavaliers where at home against second placed Country Bowls Geckos and they had a fine 10-0 Aggregate 99-41 win, A M Gerrard C Smyth J Smyth 28-7, S Kavanagh M Veale D Gerrard 30-15, S Verity D Jones C Lindgren 20-7, L Ponsford G Ponsford J Pooley 21-12

Claymores where home to La Siesta Golds and got a 7-3 Aggregate 82 -65 win, G Dyer S Johnson I Grimshaw 23-8, S Ellis J Loughran M O’dell 25-12

Outlaws travelled to Vistabella Picadores and were beaten 0-10 Aggregate of 50-94

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