Top of the table, Pearls recorded yet another victory, this time away at El Rancho.  Against the Pincho’s, these 3 trips earned them 8 valuable points – S Barnes, A Linley, D Barnes 21-17. G Phillips, M France, J Prokopowycz 28-13. C Brazier, T Morgan, P Morgan 26-18.  Also in good form, Diamonds also won 8-2 for the 2nd consecutive week.

Home to La Siesta Pioneers, here’s the winning rinks – B Elliott, K Gordon, P Farrell 19-18. S Hibberd, S Heath, T Voisey 29-14. A Bowen, S Jakeman, A Benson 24-15.  Due to a water leak close by, Rubies match at La Siesta was postponed.

Meanwhile in the Friday Southern league, Swallows had a tough match at top of the table Vistabella Lazadores.

Although 2 of our rinks lost by a couple of shots, these 2 rinks ensured that overall shots difference was secured, meaning a hard earned 6 points came our way – T Morgan, S Heath, P Morgan 24-19. C Brazier, M France, J Prokopowycz 26-9. Swans succumbed to a 2-6 home defeat to San Miguel Boxers, and it could have worse but for these 3 dudes – G Kershaw, A Linley, B Armstrong 19-8.

Finally, Swifts had another day at home watching the box!