San Miguel Bowls - Barry Jones
San Miguel Bowls - Barry Jones

Last week our 2 teams in the Discovery league and this week they both played Emerald Isle.  Pathfinders at home against their Moonrakers and the Explorers travelled to the Isle to play their Neptunes.

Both our teams had exceptionally good results the Pathfinders winning at home 9-1, with a shot difference of 81-40, and the Explorers winning 7-3 with a shot difference of 70-61.

Our top trips at each venue were Martha Reynolds, Dave McGaw and John Rae, winning 26-4, and Anne Stone, Jean Fowkes, Peter Parsons winning 19-11.

Friday Southern League Sharks are in Division A and had 40 points from 10 games, and the Seagulls in Division B also had 40 points from 10 games – putting them both in the lower half of the league but a good way from the bottom teams.

This week’s games have done little to improve the situation the Seagulls were away to Greenlands Cedars and lost 8-2 with a shot difference of 54-98, and the Sharks holding a strong position at 10 ends ending with a 6-4 win against the San Louis Lions.  I would however like to congratulate the trip of Anne Stone, Jim Reeves and Peter Parsons with a 26-5 win adding immensely to a overall shot difference of 71-52.

I would like to remind you all that the Monday monthly quiz will take place next Monday 31.01.22.  Please contact Trevor Hancock if you wish to take part.