Southern League Results
La Marina Report by Barry Latham

A lovely conversation passed between a fellow bowler and myself at Greenlands last Saturday when the Provincial played the Hosts.  Talking after the game when my friend came up with this.  “Wouldn’t it be great if all the league matches could be played in the same friendly competitive manner as the game this morning?” 

What a good thought, no moaning or groaning.  Not playing since March but watching on occasions it certainly is noticeable that that too many people spend a lot of time being negative.  Just an observation!!!   Trying not to be negative after a good week last week it isn’t easy when the Explorers lost away against Emerald Isle Titans.  All points going to the better team on this occasion.   

It was better on Thursday when we played Emerald Isle in the Premier 20 Knockout even though we did get knocked out. We lost 3 ½ to 4 ½ If my calculation is correct.  The draw came away from home thanks to Don Fowkes and Kathy Manning.  At home we had the Pairs winning 21 – 11, thanks to Peter Parsons sailing in from his cruise to help Margaret McLaughlin.  Not to be outdone Alex Whyte led his trip of Paul Tregoing and Phil Pape to a 19 – 14 victory. 

Our Captain Dave Hadaway led his rink to a 22 – 18 win.  So well done Maureen Kidd, Desna Lowe and Arthur Cronk.  A very close game overall, Wendy and I watched the away leg and it could have gone either way. 

Best of luck to Emerald  Isle in the next round.

Friday was the turn of  the Ospreys to play at home against Vistabella Lanzadors and looking at the overall score it was quite a close encounter.  We lost 8pts to 4pts.  Our four points came by way of Skip Mike Stone, Tom Spencer and Janet Parsons 22 – 15 and Shirley Hadaway with Phil Pape and Margaret McLaughlin a close 22 – 20.  Just got the result for the Merlins playing the Vistabella’s Conquistadors which we won ten two .  Very good. 

There were some high scores with Bill Jones, Dave O’Sullivan and Mo Taylor winning 32 – 8.  Barry Sadler led his trip to a 28 – 7 win with Desna Lowe and Garth Slater helping out.  Old Man Perchard did well with Arthur Cronk and Jean Perchard by winning 25 – 18 and last but not least Shirley Hadaway, Mike Lowe and Margaret Sadler won well with a 28 – 14 score.