Vistabella Bowls Club by Brian Zelin
Vistabella Bowls Club by Brian Zelin

Hi all, This weeks report of all the goings on at Vistabella Bowls Club.

Saturday December 4th, We held our pre – Christmas bash at Flannigan’s, on Vistabella, what a cracking evening, Great Food, Great Entertainment, but best of all it was great to see most of the Club members out together, A big thanks to our Social Secretary Alice Howe who with her helpers organised the Evening.

Monday December 6th, Vistabella Albatrosses were Away to Emerald Isle Titans, Winning on 2 Rinks and Drawing on 1 Rink plus the Shots, Sue Kemp, Sandra Burrows, Eric Bishop 20-12, Kath Reid, Tony French, Ian Kenyon 22-20, Mo Foulcer, Neil Burrows, Brian Zelin 16-16, Shots 73-71 Points 7-3.

Vistabella Eagles were at Home to Country Bowls Seahawks, only winning on 1 Rink, Denise Howell, Steve Baxter, Alice Howe 24-9, Shots 65-82 Points 2-8.

Vistabella Picadors were at Home to Emerald Isle Neptune’s, Winning on 2 Rinks, Plus the Shots, Stan Dibble, Stuart Allman, Paul Durham 19-14, Olwyn Radcliffe, John Goddard, Brian Dunn 23-13, Shots 72-64 Points 6-4.

Wednesday December 8th, Vistabella played Javea in the Premier 20 knock out, Winning on all 4 Rinks at Home, and Winning on 2 Rinks Away. Winning the tie 12-4. Home Team, Singles Martin Foulcer 21-9, Pairs, Kath Reid, Ian Kenyon 27-13, Trips, John Goddard, Sandra Burrows, Paul Durham 25-14, Rinks, Steve Baxter, Richard Willey, Mo Foulcer, Alan Bannister 26-12.

Away, Pairs, Sue Kemp, Brian Zelin 22-19, Trips, Lynne Bishop, Carol Thorpe, Gary Thorpe 14-9.

Friday December 10th, Vistabella Lanzadores were at Home to San Luis Lions, I must admit, I don’t think I  have ever played in such windy conditions, We won on 2 Rinks but lost the shots, Kath Reid, Martin Foulcer, Ian Kenyon 19-17, Lynne Bishop, Arthur Brown, Eric Bishop 19-16, Shots  63-71 Points 4-6.

Vistabella Conquistadors Were Away to Greenlands Ash, Winning on 2 Rinks, Hillary James, Keith Black, Alan Bannister 21-14, Sharon Louise, Yvonne Baxter, Roy Widgery 10-0, Shots 48-62 Points 4-6.

Vistabella Picadors were Home to Emerald Isle Claymores, Winning on 2 Rinks and Drawing on 1 Rink, Olwyn Radcliffe, Brian Pointon, Brian Dunn 30-15, Freddie Willey, Helen Marshall, Paul Durham 18-15, Ron Smith, John Goddard, Stuart Allman 13-13, Shots 77-61  Points 7-3.