The Titans started the week off with a great 9-1 (2-63) win against San Miguel Beagles, winners were L Ponsford, S Marks, R Marks 30-15, J Pooley, G Ponsford, AM Gerrard 24-12, S Verity, S Elvin, D Gerrard 17-15. P Coffey, JO Pering, B Kavanagh drew 21-21

Neptunes were away at San Luis Trekkers and came away with a very good 6-4 (73-63) win, winners were M Ellis, P Creswell, P Heaney 29-12, J Mulloy, G Odell, M Odell 14-11

Moonrakers played at home slipping to a 4-6, (62-68) loss to San Miguel Dalmations, winners K Alderson, K John, E Sheppard 22-12, C Selby, C Wilson, G Wallis 16-15

Claymores played their rearranged game at Country bowls against La Manga Crusaders and they got a fine 8-2 (82 -64) victory, winners were M Ellis, A Malcolm, K Jolliffe 23-11, S Johnson, S Ellis, P Creswell 24-17, J Mulloy, G Dyer, J Loughran 16-15

Outlaws played their rearranged home game against San Luis Tigers and were beaten 3-7 (56-71). Winners were R Adams, R Mulloy, P Heaney 14-12,  M Riley, S Adams, R Andrews drew  14-14

El Cid were the hosts for the Winter League on Wed and the result was a win for the Isle by 6-4 (69-72), winners were S Verity, Jo Pering, Julian Pering, R Marks 17-15, J Pooley, S Elvin, S Marks, C Lindgren 15-13, P Coffey, G Ponsford, C Smyth, J Smyth  24-23

Thursday brought the Premier 20 KO game, played home and away against Quesada. In a very close fixture the Isle came out on top taking 4 rinks each. The Aggregate was 145–135 to the ISLE. Home winners were S Verity, Jo Pering, Julian Pering 20-17, Away winners were G Ponsford, D Gerrard, 27-14, S Kavanagh, P Coffey, B Kavanagh 24-10, L Ponsford, M Veale, C Smyth, J Smyth 19-11

Cavaliers travelled to Country Bowls Geckos on Friday and they come away with 4 points (61-70) Winners were N Prior, G Ponsford, D Gerrard 16-11, M Veale. C Smyth. A M Gerrard 20-18

Claymores played at La Siesta Golds and they had a fine 8-2 (83-52) win, winners were M Ellis, J Loughran, K Jolliffe 27-8. S Ellis, G Odell, M Odell 22-15, B Taylor, P Creswell, E Morris 22-16

Outlaws were at home to Vistabella Picadors suffering a 0-10 defeat 0-10 (53-89)