Today I want to start with Einstein’s theory of relativity or rather about his lack of thought to a theory of coincidence (that must be a formula).  You know the situation where two cars are approaching from different directions on a empty road apart from one cyclist and they all meet at exactly the same point and the cars have to slow down to avoid each other.

Likewise we waited a long time in bowls for trips to take place and then be called to have our Covid jabs at the same time and day.

But 4 very good teams on paper turned up and in both games there was an early finish, let’s just say 2 teams would not be over excited by the scores.  To be fair however Peter Parsons gave a master class on “yard on” bowling and on the other rink Irene Mangan gave another master class on leading.

The games were the mixed trips and I believe conclude the Semi-Finals although Don still has the problem with the 4’s to be played.  The results of today’s games were Janet Parsons, Tom Spencer & Peter Parsons 18, Margaret MacLaughlin, Alex Whyte and Shirley Hadaway 7 after 15 ends.  The other game was Irene Mangan, Marylyn Fryatt and Alex Morrice 19, Jean Fowkes, Cliff Rawlinson, and Don Fowkes 7 after 12 ends.

Thank you all, and our overall thanks must go to the committee especially Don Fowkes for managing to get the competitions to final stages under such difficult circumstances.

Next week hopefully we may be able to produce a programme for the finals which we are all very much looking forward to.

Dave Hadaway.