Costa Blanca South Bowls Roundup
Costa Blanca South Bowls Roundup


San Miguel Pointers were home to La Siesta Sputniks winning 10 – 2 (98 shots to 56), the best winning triple were James cutting, Brian Allan and Stuart Hemmings 32 – 2.

San Miguel Alsatians were home to La Siesta Apollos winning 9 – 3 (89 shots to 77), the best winning triple were Marilyn Shatwell, Gerard Shatwell and Eddie Cowan 20 – 7.

San Miguel Dalmatians were away to Emerald Isle Newptunes losing 4 – 8 (89 shots for 99 against), the best winning triple were Meg Brownlee, Bill Moseley and Mike Bayfield 23 – 11.

San Miguel Beagles were away to Emerald Isle Titans losing 4 – 8 (83 shots against 93 for), the bet winning triple were Brian Miller, Val Collier and Lin Miller 25 – 12.

In the Winter League San Miguel were home to Benitachell where they had a great win taking all 12 points (118 shots to 56), on the best winning rink were Jan Allen, Bob Graham, Cyril Medley and Lin Miller 28 – 12.

A reminder that the Wasps sessions take place Wednesdays 1:30 for 2:00 – €5 for an afternoon’s bowling with shoes and woods available to borrow. Due to the popularity of the Wasps, first time bowlers are asked to attend an initial coaching session on Tuesday afternoons, starting at 1:45.

For further information on San Miguel Bowls Club please contact the President Stuart Hemmings on 965720461, or the Secretary Gail Willshire on 965020492.


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With Lynne Bishop

The very last of the SAL Winter leagues and we had two games played..both in the ENTERPRISE league and both at home. The Albatrosses were against the Quesada Pearls where they had two wins from the teams of Geraldine Fisher, StJohn Broadhurst & Gordon Fisher 20-13. Olwyn Ratcliffe, Stuart Allman & Brian Dunn 15-12. Shots VB 68(4) – 75(8) Q.

The Drivers had a great result playing the Quesada Diamonds to finish on a high. Four wins from the teams of Frank Barclay, Andy Leggatt & Pat Rafferty 20-10. Sue Jenkins, Jeff Neve & Dave Jenkins 24-15. Gedd Lees, Brian Pointon &  Carol Thorpe 23-21. Sharron Kirk, Dane Howard & David Steadman 14-11. Shots VB 100(10) – 77(2) Q.

Both the Eagles and the Buggies matches against El Rancho were cancelled due to a bereavement and funeral of one of their members. We send our condolences to the family of Graham Day and all at El Rancho.

WINTER League…the Penultimate challenge, a top of the league battle against Javea Green to gain as many points as possible to strengthen our chances of winning the league. It was a very closely fought game that could have swung either way but I’m pleased to say we did it with three wins plus the shots. Winning rinks were Sue Kemp, Bert Ewart, Mike Regan & Brian Zelin 24-18. Lynne Bishop, Mo Foulcer, Charlie Watkins & Martin Foulcer 17-11. Del Gunning, Geraldine Fisher, Arthur Brown & Gordon Fisher 18-16…great last shot again…Gordon!

Shots, VB 86(8) – 80(4) JG.

The Berleen team..what can one say? Well done for being the Campeones of the Berleen league. Congratulations Brenda & Peter Rees and Susan & David Jenkins, we are so proud of you!


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Monte Mar Toreadors v San Luis Leopards

Away at San Luis for the last Friday Southern League the Toreadors won on two rinks. Well done to Julia and Ian Hamilton skip Graham Smyth, Sheila Roberts, Sue Bounds skip Phil Goble.

Shots Toreadors 81 – 102 Leopards. Points 4 – 8.

Monte Mar Matadors v San Miguel Boxers

Away at San Miguel the Matadors won on three rinks and lost by one shot on one rink. Well done to Pauline Merry, Don Cleeter skip Margaret Finlayson 16 – 10, Paula Cleeter, Pauline Woodfine skip Barrie Woodfine 15-14, Tanya Oliver, Danny King skip Jack Burrell.

Shots Matadors 67 – 72 Boxers. Points 6 – 6.

WINTER LEAGUE Saturday 23rd March

Monte Mar v Benitachell

This was a rearranged fixture brought forward from 10th April and Monte Mar visited Benitachell. It was a enjoyable match with both teams winning two and drawing one. Well done to the winning teams Lynne Armitage, Mike farrelly, Jack Burrell skip Dave Melville, Tanya Oliver, Howie Williams, John Hunt skip Phil Goble and the drawing team Sheila Roberts, June Young, Pauline Woodfine skip Barrie Woodfine, well done Monte Mar. Shots Monte Mar 80 – 80 Benitachell. Points Monte Mar 6 – 6 Benitachell.

Monte Mar Toreadors v Greenlands Maples

At home to Greenlands Maples for the last match of the season we won on one rink. Well done to Sheila Roberts, Diane Horsington skip Jan Gatward. Well done to Greenlands Maples winners of the league.

Shots Toreadors 64 – 98 Maples. Points 2 – 10.

Monte Mar Matadors v San Luis Klingtons

Away at San Luis for the last match of the season the Matadors won on two rinks and drew on one rink. Well done to the winning teams Keith Simpson, Pauline Merry skip Chris Merry,  Paula Cleeter, Don Cleeter skip Margaret Finlayson and the drawing team of  Tanya Oliver, Mike Farrelly skip Jack Burrell.

WINTER LEAGUE Wednesday 27th March

Monte Mar v La Marina

Away at La Marina we had a very good result winning on four rinks and drawing on one rink, well done everyone!!!! After the match we all enjoyed a meal and a few drinks.

Shots Monte Mar 92 – 77 La Marina. Points 11 – 1.

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Only three matches to report this week.

Monday 25-03-19 The Explorers we’re at home to San Luis Trekkers. The points were shared 6 each. The shots were 76 for and 84 against. They finished 7th in the Enterprise division.

The Pathfinders were away to Greenlands Sycamores. Again the points were shared, 6 each. The shots were 84 – 96 against. Best winning rink was Reg Jackson, Dave McGaw and John Rae, 21-12. They finished 5th in the Discovery division.

Wednesday 27 – 03 – 19. The Winter league entertained Monte Mar. Points were  1  for and 11 against. Shots were 77 for and 92 against. The five loosing rinks were close but La Marina didn’t quite make it.  The one point was won by Mo Taylor, Mike Smith, Phil Pape and Shirley Hadaway, gaining a draw of 17-17. They have two more games left to play. Good luck.

The Ospreys finished 5th in Southern league division A. The Merlin’s finished 3rd in Southern league division C.

Advance notice.

On Sunday May 19th, La Marina are holding a Table Top Sale at the Club. If you have any suitable items please contact Lorita Rae on or phone 966 79 7257.


Only one match to report on this week as we are now at the end of the winter season.  Win or lose the weather has been really kind to the Bowlers this winter with very few bad days.  The Falcons were at home to Emerald Isle Moonrakers and we were all very well aware that we had to produce the goods.  All but one of the rinks had really close results with the lead going back and forth a few times.  An exciting morning with the Falcons coming out on top.  We won on 3 rinks lost on 2 and it’s thanks to one of our rinks that secured us the overall shots.  Our winning rinks were:

Irene Graham, Janet Jukes and Barry Evans 13 – 9

Wayne Jackson, Les Davies and Mick Kirby 23 – 8

Tracey Paffett, Ken Barber and Roy Thomson 17 – 14

The final score being 83 shot for to 66 against giving us 8 points to 4 against.

Very well played to all of our team, we each played our part in helping the Falcons to move up a place to remain in division ‘B’.  We are equal in points to Quesada Rubies, but we just managed to pip them at the post on shots.

The Royals with their last match result also moved 2 places up the table to finish in 7th place, only 1 point behind 6th.  We are a small membership club and to remain in the ‘B’ division for both the leagues is an excellent result for us.

Again very well played to everyone who has played throughout the winter season and a special thanks goes to our Team Captain Peter Davis and Vice Captain Ron Odell for their efforts in putting a team together.  We know it is not an easy task.

Have a restful 2 weeks break Team Horadada and we will start all over again for the summer leagues.  Keep em’ bowls a rollin’.


Sunday brought our Irish friends from The Gate/Crumlin to the Isle and the game was played in a fantastic spirit and this year the Isle came out winners 5-1, so they take the Trophy.

Titans played at home against San Miguel Beagles and they had a good 8-4 win, aggregate 93-83, Winners were S Johnson K Jolliffe D Gerrard 27-14,,D Jones D Leeming M Odell 24-13, S Kavanagh G Shoots B Kavanagh 18-11

Neptunes were at home against San Miguel Dalmations in second place battle and the Isle came out on top 8-4 aggregate 99-89, winners E Morris C Parsons A Malcolm,,26-14,,B Doran C Thomas  J Westall  28-11, C Ayling C Warner P Heaney 20-17

Moonrakers played Horadada and slipped to a 4-8 aggregate 66-83, winners D Close T Harris G Ponsford 18-15, I Hughes M Breen P Dix 17-15

Saturns travelled to San Luis Vulcans and they were beaten 4-8, aggregate 92-96, winners were E Brookes J Gregory J Mulloy 24-11, ,M Brookes A Gower J Horne 21-15

Tuesday saw return of Gosforth Empire for their annual visit. In a good game the result was a 2-2 draw on rinks

Emerald Isle played at Greenlands in the Winter league and had a great win 7-5, aggregate 90-73 win, winners were R Clive J Mulloy M Breen D Gerrard 33-9, S Kavanagh T Dix P Dix B, Kavanagh 20-13, M Riley D Close M Odell C Lindgren drew 11-11

No Berleen Game

SAPS continues throughout the summer, great value at 5 Euros 2 hours  bowling, Shoes and  Bowls supplied and coaching for novices.