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Costa Blanca Sth Bowls Roundup

Vistabella Bowls Report With Lynne Bishop.

A good result in the Premier Twenty knockout playing San Miguel, three wins both home and away sees us going through to the next round playing Quesada.

SAL Discovery league Albatrosses at home against San Luis Trekkers won three and drawn another rink for a 9-3 win, shots were VB 97 (9) – 81(3) SL.

The Drivers also at home against San Luis Klingons played just twelve ends due to weather conditions, the game ended in a draw 6-6, shots, VB 61 – 54(6) SL.

Discovery league Eagles at Greenlands against the Sycamores had just one win..that was from M

Voyager league Buggies away to San Luis Vulcans came home with 8 pts after three wins plus the long game. Shots, VB 84(8) – 69(4) SL.

Winter league. At home this week against the Emerald Isle and a great result, four wins to one although two were extremely close, Shots, VB 83(10) – 72(2) EI. The Berleen team had a very good win of 25-11 well done!

Southern League Div A. The Albatrosses welcomed Emerald Isle Cavaliers and a very competitive game was had by all, two winning rinks and another two rinks that lost by one shot brought the result to. 6-6 draw! Shots VB 87(6) – 71(6) EI.

The Picadors were at home to La Marina Ospreys with the home team having two wins to the oppositions three, the long game was close. Shots, VB 89(4) – 95(8) L M.

Div C Swingers travelled down to Country Bowls Club to play their Cubs and what a great result they had, wins on four rinks to bring ten points back home. Shots, VB 105(10) – 73(2) CB.

Conquistadores at La Siesta playing against the Silvers won on two rinks and had a drawn game on another. Shots VB 78(5) – 108(7) LS.

Greenlands Bowls Club by Dave Webb

In the Discovery Div, The Sycamores were at Home to Vistabella Eagles. scores were – shots – 101 – 73. Points – 10 – 2 . Best winning rink was – Phil Lockley, Mary Lockley, skip Mel Brown. 26 – 7.

The Maples were away to Mazzaron Mariners. scores were – Shots 74 – 82  Points 6 – 6 . Best winning rink was – Margaret Stephens, Margaret Dewar, skip Dave Webb. 19 – 11.  

In the Voyager Division, The Chestnuts were away to San Luis Romulans. final score was – shots 100 – 49.  Points – 12 – 0. Best winning rink was – Jean Thompson, Izzy Bell, skip Neville Pulfer. – 26 – 5.

In the Winter League we were away to La Siesta looking for a better result this week. After some very tight finishes which resulted in two drawn matches, and a very narrow defeat, the final score was – Shots 87 – 77. Points – 9 – 3. Best winning rink  — Roy Cordell, Chris Dewar, Joe Ridley, skip Dianne Ridley. – 18 – 12.

In the Southern League Div A, The Oaks were at home to La Siesta Blues. shots  – 94 – 66.  Points 10 – 2. Best Winning rink – Heather Meston, Derek Toozer, skip Chris Dewar. 26 shots to 7.

The Elms were at home to Emerald Isle outlaws, shts 68 – 87. points 2 – 10. winning rink D Field, J Thompson, skip J Dowell, 18 – 12. In the Southern League, The Cedars were away to El Rancho. Shots 105 – 83. points 8 -4. Best winning rink – Brian Tomlin, Les Barber, skip Barry Collins. 30 – 8. for all inquires please contact Chris Dewar on telephone 698418987 or email  or please visit our web site

La Marina Report by Barry Latham

Two games on Monday, one in the Discovery League with the Pathfinders playing at home against Emerald Isle Neptunes and we won 8 – 4.  The two big winners were John Withers, Mike Lowe and Reg Jackson winning 24 – 12 and Garth Slater, Paul Tregoing and Mo Taylor who won 25 – 12.  Barry Sadler had a close game 16 – 14 with Arthur Cronk and Trevor Hancock. The other victorious team was in the Enterprise Div and our Explorers at home beat La Siesta Apollos 8 – 4 as well.  Mike Stone in fine form of late won 34 – 8 with help from Tom Spencer and Roger Stacey. 

Shirley Hadaway, Margaret McClaughlin and Barbara Forshaw won 20 – 15 while Peter Parsons Phil Pape and Mo Kidd won 21 – 15.  Come the Winter League when we played Quesada, 8 = 4 was again the score but to them not us. Never the less it was a close old game with Quesada getting the overall shots by one.  Dave O’Sullivan pushed time back again when he , Mike Stone Garth Slater and Anne Stone had a great win 21 – 14.  The Fowkes and  the  Parsons  had a nice 20 -13 win.

Here comes another 8 – 4 win.  This time the Ospreys played away at Vistabella against the Picadors. Peter Parsons, Wendy Latham and Anne Stone won 28 – 10 and by all accounts Anne had a great game. Cliff Rawlinson, and the Fowkes won 19 – 15 and Shirley Hadaway had a double this week with Phil Pape and Margaret McLaughlin winning18 – 14.  Well done one and all.

Quesada Bowls Club Report by Dee Stephenson

It’s been another busy week, with many of our members playing in second round matches in our Club competition. Conditions have been challenging at times with a mixture of strong winds, some showers and rain but thankfully some sunshine as well.

Meanwhile theres been some very good results for our squads in the leagues.

In the Southern Alicante League Enterprise Division despite some tough battles, the Diamonds came up against a strong performance by the San Miguel Beagles, who won with 10-2 points and 123-52 shots.

In the same division, the Pearls also had a battle on their hands against San Miguel Alsatians, but managed a victory of 8-4 points and 78-71 shots, maintaining their 2nd place in the league.

And in the Discovery Division Quesada Rubies played Horadada falcons and despite very windy and chilly conditions, won the match 8-4 points and 89-83 shots.

Our Winter league team put on a great performance in a tough match this week to move them up into 1st place in the league. Playing away against La Marina they won the match 8-4 points and 82-81 shots.

In the Southern League Division A, Quesada Swallows maintained their 2nd place in the league after a tight match against San Luis Lions, with 6 points each, Quesada just edging ahead with 78-75 shots.

While in the Southern League Division B, Swifts hosted San Luis Leopards in an afternoon match. There were some close results on the rinks with one of our teams securing a draw on the last end!  Overall the Swifts played extremely well to secure an 11-1 win and 105-63 shots.

And in the same league, Quesada Swans hosted MonteMar Matadors, who won the match 8 points to 4 and 96-79 shots.

Just a reminder about our popular Saturday morning chicken drive which is open to visitors. Green fees are only 6 euros if you have your own shoes and bowls and 7 euros if you need to hire them. Anyone interested in taking part, please report to The Club, Quesada for a 9.30am start.

For more information about our club, please contact our membership secretary Angie Goddard New bowlers are always welcome and introductory coaching is available.


The weather certainly caused problems this week. On Monday a cold wind blew in and tried to knock the players off their feet. For once it was good to be a reserve and stay warm and wrapped up in many layers! Fortunately the ongoing threat of showers more or less dried up in the sunshine.

Monday 29th SL Klingons away v VB Drivers; on a very difficult morning, a close result 6pts-6, 54 shots-61. Winners: Margaret Morrison, Ray Clarke, Neil Morrison 15-7, Ann Holland, Keith Phillips, Ray Pollock 15-11, William Holtham, Sabrina & Russell Marks 14-11. SL Trekkers away v VB Albatrosses; an equally tough afternoon 3pts-9, 81 shots-97. Winners: Shirley Verity, Jo & Jules Pering 21-11, Helen Hammond, Bill Webb, Scott Malden 19-19. SL Vulcans v VB Buggies, a tough home match against very strong opposition, shots 69-84, 4pts-8. Well done: Dennis Jackson, Sue Ross, Brenda Brown 25-14, Kath Waywell, Margaret Clarke, Babs Shand 14-13. SL Romulans were unfortunately “conkered” by the GL Chestnuts, 0-12, 49 shots-100.

Wednesday 31st Winter League: San Luis home v San Miguel; 8-4, shots 96-69, had some excellent individual scores. Winners: Ann Holland, Jo Pering, Bill Webb, Jules Pering 20-10, Shirley Verity, Ray Clarke, Sabrina & Russ Marks 14-12, Kath Reid, Ray Pollock, Neil Morrison, Ian Kenyon 35-15.

Friday 2nd SL Lions home v Q Swallows, had a really close result 6pts-6, just missing out on shots 75-78. Winners: Kath Reid, Pam Lockett, Ian Kenyon 16-12, Ann Holland, Sheila Cammack, Ray Pollock 22-13, William Holtham, Janet & Peter McEneany 16-13. SL Tigers home v SM Bulldogs had a good result; 8pts-4, 91 shots-85. Winners: Shirley Verity, Jo & Jules Pering 29-12, Margaret Roseveare, Judy Carroll, Dave Blackie 19-17, Kevin McKenna, Marina Beardsall, Barry Edwards 18-13. SL Leopards away v Q Swifts, had a hard time; 1pt-9, 63 shots-105. Well done: Steve Rossiter, Kath Waywell, Brenda Brown 14-14. SL Pumas, 1/11/18 (postponed match) home v ER Raiders had a good result; 8pts-4, 111shots-78. Winners: Pat Barnes, Mary Fromson, Ralph Jones 30-14, Dee Hoey, Mario Cavilla, Harry Epsom 21-11, Chris Phillips, Terry Bayliss, Geoff Francis 29-10. (2/11/18) away v EI Roundheads, 60 shots-88, 2pts-10. Winners: Pat Barnes, Danny McErlean, Tom Fromson 20-14.

SLBC information, club website: or contact June Jones, Club Captain: 691903773.

Sheila Cammack

San Miguel Bowls Club – week ending 2nd November 18 – By Gail Willshire

Monday’s results were all quite good this week. The Alsatians, away to Quesada Pearls, had to give up a rink, 2 shots and 10 points, due to illness. Despite this they still managed 4 points, 71 shots to 78. Pretty good under the circumstances. The best winners were Anita Brown, Ron Nairey and Eddie Cowan, 20:11.

The Dalmatians were also away to the El Rancho Pintos. The weather conditions weren’t great, but nevertheless our team came away with 6 points, just missing out on the shot difference, 86:90. The best win came from Bob Nesbitt, Dave Champion and Barbara Scotthern, 25:12. The Beagles, at home to the Quesada Diamonds that morning, had just one loss, by just 1 shot! – so, 10 points, 123:52. The rink of the day went to Margaret Patterson, Johnny Raby and Stuart Denholm 30:10.

However, the Pointers had the best result that afternoon, at home to El Rancho’s Paliminos. Winning across the board, 138 shots to 53, the best win came from James Cutting, Brian Allen and Lynn Greenland 38:5.

Wednesday saw our Winter League team away to San Luis. They came away with 4 points after a difficult morning, 69 shots to 96, but were very unfortunate not to finish with a draw. This was not a disaster and has kept the team near the top of the table. The best rink that day was Brian Miller, Margaret Patterson, David Johnson and Steve Cantley, 16:12.

On Friday the Boxers welcomed the Mazarron Miners to SMBC and had a great morning to win 10:2, 97 shots to 80.  The top dogs were Barry Jones, Bob Graham and Frank Scotthern, winning 26:17. The Bulldogs, meanwhile had a rougher time at San Luis gaining 4 points, 85:91. The trio of Sandy Hannan, Tom Dalgleish and Dave Greenland was the pick of the litter, 28 points to 11.

A reminder that the Wasps sessions take place Wednesdays 1:30 for 2:00 – €5 for an afternoon’s bowling with shoes and woods available to borrow. Due to the popularity of the Wasps, first time bowlers are now asked to attend an initial coaching session on Tuesday afternoons, starting at 1:45.

For further information on San Miguel Bowls Club please contact the President Stuart Hemmings on 965720461, or the Secretary Gail Willshire on 965020492.

La Siesta Bowls Club By Rod Edgerton

In the Enterprise Division the Apollos were away to La Marina Explorers and picked up 4 points to the Explorers 8 losing overall on shots by 105 to 79.Winning rinks for La Siesta came from Dave Davies with Florence and Mike Edwards winning 21-11 and from Trish and Pat Reilly with Irene Mangan winning 20-19.

In the Voyager Division the La Siesta Pioneers  opponents were Country Bowls Flamingoes and they also picked up 4 points to their opponents 8 losing the overall shots by  a narrow margin of 32-30.The winning rinks for the Pioneers were Jo Elkin with Derek Smith and Rab Logan winning 34-6 whilst Irene Laverick with Tony and Val Dalton won 17-13.

The Sputniks  were away at Emerald Isle and picked up 3 points to their opponents 9.The overall shots going to E.I. by 92 shots to 64. Winning rink for La Siesta came from Hilary Clarke with Noel Morrisoe and Alan Ralph winning 16-15 whilst Kathleen Morrisoe, Ken Stringfellow and John Clarke drew 12-12 with their opponents.

Our Winter League team entertained Greenlands and were successful on winning on the rink of Barbara Cooper,Val Dalton, Ann McEvoy and Mike Edwards by 21-19 whilst Pat Moore, Tony Dalton, Brian Harman and George Richardson managed a 12-12 draw. With overall shots of 87 to Greenlands and 77 to La Siesta the points score was 3 to 9.

In the Southern League A Division the Blues were away at Greenlands and lost by 94 shots to 66 winning on the rink of Ramsay Sinclair, Jenny Bowman and George Richardson by 22-19 picking up 2 points to their opponents 10.

In the B Division the Golds had a comprehensive home win by 123 shots to 59 winning on all rinks thereby getting the maximum 12 points.

In the C Division the Silvers  entertained Vistabella Conquistadors and won on 2 rinks and drew on the other winning the overall shots by 105-77 thereby picking up 7 points.Winners for Silvers were Dot Kocsis,Sheila Milllward and Willie Mcvey 37-9 and Hilary Clarke,Rod Edgerton and Alan Ralph 25-12 whilst Gary Randall, Ann Edgerton and Lee Plummer earned a creditable draw by winning a shot on the last end, final score being 22-22 in a match that swung back and forth and which the Vistabella skip killed 2 ends once when his team was 5 shots down.

Horadada Bowls Club by Irene Graham

On Monday in the South Alicante Discovery Division, Horadada Falcons were at home to Quesada Rubies.  We won on 1 rink and drew on 2.  On one of these rinks The Falcons were well ahead for most of the match with the Rubies just creeping closer in the last ends.  The other rink was the opposite, Horadada were trailing for most of the match but managed to pull back in the closing ends.

Our winning rink was:  Irene Graham, John Goddard and Terry Hucknall.  18 -14

Draw rinks were:  Wayne Jackson, Mick Kirby and Barry Evans.  18 – 18

Ken Barber, Peter Davis and Roy Thomson.  17 – 17

Quesada just claimed the overall shots, so the final score was 83 shots for Horadada to 89 against giving us 4 points and 8 points to Quesada.

A nail biting finish to a very close, enjoyable match.

On Wednesday Horadada Members decided to take a break from the serious stuff and try our hand at the short mat bowls.  A great fun afternoon with some of our members in full fancy dress for Halloween, followed by good food and a few drinks in Paddy Singhs in Los Urrutias.  Thanks to those members for making such an effort in the Halloween theme which added to the enjoyment of the afternoon.

Friday the Horadada Royals were away to Montemar Toreadors and what a great result for us.  The rain managed to stay off for the duration of the match with glimpses of sunshine which fell on the Royals.  The team had to be changed about a bit, but we all played our part.  We won on 3 rinks, drew on 1 and lost 1.  Our winning rinks were:

Peter Davis, Ken Barber and Alan Miller 24 – 14

John Goddard, Mick Kirby and Barry Evans 25 – 7

Irene Graham, Jenny Davis and Bryan Eatough 16 – 13

Our draw team: Tracey Paffett, Wayne Jackson and Terry Hucknall 17 -17.

The end result being shots for 95, shots against 69. With Horadada getting the overall shots the points were 9 for and 3 against.

The match was played in a very friendly, sporting manner and enjoyed by everyone. 

Very well played to Team Horadada.  We needed that lift.  Don’t forget Team, ‘keep em bowls a rollin’!!!

Horadada offers a warm welcome to new or experienced bowlers, and provides the necessary equipment.  Our roll-up days for this friendly club are Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday mornings.  Please contact Fred Trigwell on 659139129 for more information.