Emerald Isle Bowls Club - Elwyn Morris
Emerald Isle Bowls Club - Elwyn Morris

El Rancho Bowls Club

Our winter season leagues started on thursday, with a rearranged match at home to la Siesta Blues, with a mixed bag of results with several players adjusting from their grass bound summer. However we had an overall successful match taking the rinks by 3 to 2 and the overall shots by 97 to 84, a good end to a very pleasant morning.

Friday found the Mustangs playing their second match of the week, at home against La Marina Ospreys, a team I always enjoy playing.

Stew and Richard’s rinks were very tight matches and could have gone either way, but alas we were pipped at the post on both. The other three whilst seemingly large wins by score, were closer in play than they appear.

We have all been there, with both teams having woods close to the jack, but the scoring goes mainly one way. A nice match to watch all round. Jane Hamill, John Skipper and Stew Hamill 13-17. Irene Thomson, Jim Gracie and Eddie Thomson 32-5. Judy Foley, Diane Yates and Richard Lee 18-20. Ann Taylor, Jim Taylor and David Whitworth 36-12. June Whitworth, Sheila Cooper and Carolyn Harris 19-11.

The Broncos played an afternoon match at Quesada against the Swans and had a really good and successful match, coming away with 3 rinks and drawing another, also taking the overall shots by 82-72, a great away result. Jan Bright, Peter Bagwell and Jean Bagwell 17-17. Graham Day, Sheila Cox and Mike Cox 16-7. Ann C Taylor, Bob Easthope and Keith Longshaw 15-12. Brian Harris, Marion Haynes and Dave Haynes 19-14. Barbara Jones, Pam Harris and Geoff Jones 15-22.

For further membership information contact Carolyn Harris on 966774316 or at elranchobowls.secretary@gmail.com. Or Brian Taylor on 9654077093 or at elranchobowlsclub@gmail.com

Emerald Isle Bowls Club by ELWYN MORRIS

Wed brought BBC to the Emerald Isle in the winter league and Berleen and the home team came out winners in both games. The Isle won 10-2, aggregate 97-69and took the Berleen 17-16

Winners were J Mulloy, S Johnson, R Clive and I Brewster 25-14, S Kavanagh, T Dix, M Veale, P Dix 21-11, P Rhodes, D Leeming, P Coffey, J Smyth 19-11, D Rhodes, J Pooley, M Odell, C Lindgren 18-17

Berleen winners E Morris S Watson H Rhodes B Kavanagh 17-16

Friday took the Cavaliers to Quesada to play the Swallows and the result was a home win by 7-5, aggregate 90-88. Winners were S Kavanagh, P Coffey, B Kavanagh18-10, S Johnson, D Leeming, I Brewster 17-16, P Rhodes J Pooley AMS drew 16-16

The Claymores played at home against the San Luis Tigers and won 10-2, aggregate 80-53. The winners were A Brown, S Watson, S Warner 26-8, M Whitelock, J Westall, M Stacey 18-15, C Ayling, B Eldred, H Rhodes 14-13, C Thomas, B Doran, M Thomas won the trip 10 -0 due to an illness on the opposing team

The Outlaws travelled to play Country Bowls Cubs and came away with a very good 6-6 draw, aggregate 99-81, winners were: R Clive, T Harris, M Breen 31-8, I Hughes, D Close, P Willicott 21-14

The Roundheads played at home against Vistabella Conquistadors and won 8-4 with an aggregate of 92-90. Winners were P Horton, C Selby, G Smith 28-17, M Brookes, F Thomas, E Brookes 22-15, M Elliott, T Roche, P Creswell 18-15

Greenlands Bowls Club

With no league matches till Friday and a bye in the Winter League it was fortunate we had two touring teams to keep us on our toes. The first game on Tuesday nearly ended up rained off but patience is a virtue and so it proved. The rain abated long enough to get 14 ends in and the sun showed itself now and again, our visitors went away happy after we shared a meal of soup and sandwiches.

Our thanks to Sandra Heath for her assistance in making sure things ran smoothly for her visitors. The match ended in a draw so well done to everyone and we look forward to playing them again next year. The second match was a mixture of two clubs, Campsie B.C. from Scotland and Eltham Bowls club in London.

The weather was hot and humid but that did not deter the bowlers and we all thoroughly enjoyed the company and the bowling. In these friendly games the score is immaterial so the result was an honourable Draw. Thanks to Jill for running the raffle and organising the pre- match meal, you’re a star.

In the southern league A div the Oaks were at home to Vistabella Lanzadores. Still finding our feet so it’s a learning curve until we get to know our new bowlers, but we are getting there. We didn’t play badly as was shown in the results, very close games and could have gone either way. Final scores were: Total shots for 70- 96. Points for 0-12.

In the Southern League C division, The Elms were away to San Luis Pumas. Final scores were — Total shots for 93, shots against – 93. Points for – 7.  points against- 5. Winning rinks were — Dave Field, Terry Powell, Dave Thompson. 29 shots to 13. Margaret Hirst, Rita Hart, John Dowell. – 18 shots to 17.  Veronica Richards, John Oleary, Michael Cassidy.- 18 shots to 10.

This is just the start of the season and we have the potential to achieve better results. Well done everyone.

Greenlands bowls club is open for new members, be they new bowlers or established players. The up-dating of the complex is ongoing and when it is completed will provide a venue for bowlers, golfers and the general public.

So please, if you wish to become a member don’t delay, contact Chris by email: dewarsinspain6246@gmail.com or by tel 698 418 987.


Horadada Bowls Club by Irene Graham

Only one league match to report on this week and that was at home to Quesada Swifts on a beautiful sunny day.  After last week’s glorious win this was not a good result for our first home game.  

The game of bowls is all about swings and roundabouts, ups and downs, toing and froing, back and forth, winning and losing, but I can only say Horadada Royals lost to a better team today. 

One of the rinks looked as though it was a close match but we didn’t quite manage to pull it off in the end.  We did however, have one winning rink so a huge congratulations to our players of Peter Davis, Ken barber and Roy Thomson, who were on top of that game throughout.  Well done Guys. 

The final score was 10 points to Quesada and 2 to Horadada with Quesada getting the overall shots.  The shots were 63 for and 112 against.  Win or lose it’s good to play in a friendly, sporting atmosphere.

On Monday we have our first match in the South Alicante Discovery Division.  This match is also at home so come on Team Horadada, get a hold of these socks and give them a good yank!  Let’s make up for today and get ourselves off to a good start in this league.  We all know we can do it.

Horadada offers a warm welcome to new or experienced bowlers, and provides the necessary equipment.  Our roll-up days for this friendly club are Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday mornings.  Please contact Fred Trigwell on 659139129 for more information.

La Marina Report by Barry Latham

We finished off the Super Series against Monte Mar last Saturday but I think I got a little mixed with the scores. My age probably. La Marina continued their good work when playing the Trips and Pairs at home when they won 81 against 58 shots. 

In the Pairs Kathy Manning and Alex Whyte won 24 – 6 and in the Triples Jean Tregoing, Mike Smith and John Rae won 26 – 14. Not too sure what happened away but Terry Perchard won by one shot and Jan Parsons  and Don Fowkes  won 28 – 6.  Overall La Marina retained the Trophy.  

That was Saturday then on Sunday at the Table Top Sale apparently the Club made a profit of 931 euros.  Congratulations to all those who turned out to help on the morning.   

Southern League Div C started for us on the  Monday with a game against La Siesta Silvers with La Marina Merlins coming away with a 9 – 3 win.  There were some good performances by our team with newcomer Skip Marilyn Fryatt, leading Arthur Cronk and Jean Tregoing to a 24 – 8 victory.  Not to be out done John Rae, Dave McGaw and Reg Jackson came away with a 26 – 11 win. 

Keeping up the excellent work Skip Dave Hadaway, Garth Slater and Trevor Hancock had an outstanding 31 – 8 score.  Bringing up the other point were Terry and Jean Perchard and Margaret Sadler with a 13 all draw. 

Then there was  the Winter League and we were visited by Bonalba. Nice to see friends who have moved from Finca Guila playing against us.  A hard fought game all round but we managed to battle on to an 8 – 4 victory.  Captain Dave Hadaway and Shirley were in fine form with Shirley, Mike Smith, Jean Perchard and Barbara Forshaw winning 23 – 7. The Captain wasn’t taking that lying down and battled to a 22 – 16 victory with help from Terry Perchard,  RogerStacey (He did play well) and Kathy Manning. 

Not to be outdone Don Fowkes, Peter Parsons, Jean Fowkes and Jan Parsons pulled together to win 25 – 10.  Just mentioned some of our players in my last sentence and here they come again.  This time playing for the Ospreys over at El Rancho against the Mustangs where Pete Parsons skipped, Carol Smith and Anne Stone to win20 – 18. A close but very good result. 

Don Fowkes did the same with Cliff Rawlinson and Jan Parsons winning 17 – 13. Last but not least in the Leagues the Merlins playing at home with opponents being Greenlands Cedars in the C Div and fortunately won by  8pts to 4 and by 22 shots.  Our victorious trips were John Morgan who with Mike Lowe and Reg Jackson won 28 – 7;  Skip John Rae who is going well won 27 – 9  with help from Dave McGaw and Trevor Hancock. 

Funny enough he played against John Wray.  Our third winner was Dave Hadaway, Garth Slater and Lorita Rae who won 18 – 14.                  

La Siesta Bowls Club By Rod Edgerton

The season began with a match between the President’s and Captain’s teams. A closely fought match saw Sue Jordan’s Captains team win by a narrow margin. Following on from this were two matches against touring sides from the UK.

Both matches against Bittern Park Teignmouth and Harrow bowls clubs provided victories for the hosts, both UK teams found the heat and the speed of the greens quite difficult to deal with but everyone had a most enjoyable time.

The Silvers played their first League match against a strong Montemar Merlins. The overall results was victory for the visitors by 9 points to 3 with a shots difference of 108-63.Winners for La Siesta were Hilary Clarke, Noel Morrisroe and Alan Ralph by 21 shots to 14.The rink of Gary Randall, Sheila Millward and Willie McVey achieved a creditable draw by scoring 3 shots on the final end to get a 13-13 draw.

A similar result in the Silvers second match against Vistabella Swingers with the rink of Hilary Clarke, Noel Morrisroe and Alan Ralph providing the only win with a 27 shots to 5 victory. So just 2 points picked up in a 10-2 loss. The overall shots difference being 110-62.

Better news for the Golds who picked up 8 points in their win away against San Miguel Boxers. Barbara Cooper,Tony Campbell and Tony Dalton lead from start to finish to win 33 shot to 9 whilst Doug and Faye Beattie with Norman Adcroft never looked back winning 26 shots to 9. A good win also from Pat Moore with Bill and Sue Jordan 18-11.The overall match result being a 98-93 victory for the Golds.

Our Winter League team travelled to El Cid for their first match of the season. The overall result was a win for El Cid by 96 shots to 66 gaining 10 points to La Siesta’s 2.Some matches were quite close with the team of Florence and Mike Edwards with Barbara Cooper and Val Dalton winning after being 4 down on the final end, but by killing the end and picking up 2 shots on the replayed end winning by 17 shots to 15.

The rink of Pat Moore, Jim Eastwood, Jim Hudson and Brian Harman narrowly lost by 11 shots to 10.

 San Miguel Bowls Club – week ending 12th October 18

By Gail Willshire

The second Winter League game away to Monte Mar provided a great result for the club with a 12:0 win. All teams did well but of particular note was the 42:3 win provided by Don Whitney, Val Collier, Chris Collier & Stuart Denholm.

The Bulldogs were away on Friday to La Siesta Blues. I don’t have the full details but I know they managed to win on 3 rinks and tied for shots, so 7 points in the bag.

Meanwhile, the Boxers were on home ground to La Siesta Golds, but unfortunately managed to come away with just 4 points. The wins came from Stan North, Jim Jarvie & Dave Champion, 39:6 and Peter Ross, Allen, Joyce Reeves & Ann Allen, 25:15. However, the team only just missed out on the overall shots 93:98.

Finally, a reminder that the Wasps sessions take place Wednesdays 1:30 for 2:00 – €5 for an afternoon’s bowling with shoes and woods available to borrow. Due to the popularity of the Wasps, anyone taking up bowls for the first time is now asked to attend a session on Tuesday afternoons, starting at 1:45 to get some initial coaching.

For further information on San Miguel Bowls Club please contact the President Stuart Hemmings on 965720461, or the Secretary Gail Willshire on 965020492.

Vistabella Bowls Report With Lynne Bishop

SOUTHERN LEAGUE. A Division. The first matches on Friday 5th started with two home derby’s between the Lanzadores v Picadors and the Conquistadors v the Swingers. The Lanzadores got off on the right foot with a great win at the Picadors expense. Shots, Lanzadores 106 (10) – 64 (2) Picadors .

Our new team the Swingers were at home playing the Conquistadors in their first division C league fixture, the result certainly swung the right way for them with four wins. Very early days so upwards and onwards.

WINTER LEAGUE. The team were away to last years Champions San Luis with a difficult task at hand, surprisingly at mid game the shots were going in Vistabella’s favour but alas San Luis raised their game and we finished with just one win and a draw. Our winners are worthy of a mention..L Watkins, S Burrows, B Dunn & P Whitehall and those that drew were L Bishop, C Watkins, M Foulcer & M Furness.

Shots, VB 80(3) – 95(9) SL.

The Berleen unfortunately had to concede their game due to one of our players having a mishap, we wish you a speedy recovery Beryl Regan.

SOUTHERN LEAGUE. Four teams out on Friday starting with Div A Lanzadores  who were away to Greenlands Oaks. A rewarding result, some games were close but the team kept their heads up and took full points. Shots, VB 98(12) – 70(0) G.

Div A the Picadors home to San Luis Lions. Oh dear, the Lions really gave the Picadors a mauling on this occasion, better luck next week. Shots, VB 59(0) – 100(12) SL.

Div C Conquistadores away to Emerald Isle Roundheads. A very closely fought game on most rinks, two wins and just missing out on the long game. Shots,VB 90(4) – 92(8) EI.

Div C Swingers at home to La Siesta Silvers. Wins on four rinks for another ten points this week. Shots, VB 110(10) – 62(2) LS.

On Monday the club welcomed a visiting team from Wymondham Dell BC. Five rinks were played with the home team winning on four, most importantly everyone had a really enjoyable afternoon regardless of any results.