Vistabella Albatrosses champions of Enterprise league

Vistabella Bowls Report With Lynne Bishop.

Congratulations to the Albatrosses for winning the SAL Enterprise League. We are the ‘CHAMPIONS’!  Congratulations to the Captain Barry Norris, the selectors and all the team. The ultimate game was at home against the MonteMar Matadors where we needed eleven points to guarantee the championship and we got exactly that. L Watkins, S Burrows & P Whitehall 30-10 N Burrows, B Zelin & E Bishop 24-8. SJ Broadhurst, B Norris & K Cuthbert 20-15. G Fisher, S Allman & Gordon Fisher 20-16. L Bishop, S Norris & B Dunn 16-16. Shots, VB 126(11) -85(3) MM.

The Drivers at home against the Emerald Isle had their game cut short due to rain. Results, P Ray, B Ray & L Barber 16-6. D Leggatt, Mo & Martin Foulcer 13-7. K Hardy, B Pointon & C Thorpe 12-12. F Barclay, A Leggatt, B Corbishly 11-11. Shots, VB 65(6) – 73(8) EI.

VOYAGER LEAGUE Eagles away to La Siesta Pioneers had three wins plus shots. D Graham, P & Penny Tomkins 24-12. M Irwin, S Dibble & T French 22-12. R Savage, K Savage & A Kendall 18-13. Shots, VB 105(8) – 93(6) LS. Well done all…you almost made promotion.

WINTER LEAGUE away to Greenlands, a poor result with just two wins from the teams of S Kemp, T French, B Zelin & G Thorpe 18-15 and G Fisher, P Tomkins, C Thorpe & Gordon Fisher 16-14. Shots, VB 74(4) – 89(8) G.

FED 4’s. Vikings away to San Miguel Cherokee’s, two wins from F Barclay, B Ewart, G & C Thorpe 22-11. G Fisher, P Ray, A Brown & Gordon Fisher 19-16. Shots, VB 53(4) – 57(4) SM.

SOUTHERN LEAGUE Div A Lanzadores. Their final game was away to San Luis Lions. Two winning rinks, SJ Broadhurst, B Norris & K Cuthbert 21-11. S Whitehall, S Allman & B Dunn 16-15. Shots, VB 93(4) – 127(10) SL.

The Picadors at home against Quesada Swallows won on three rinks, F Barclay, B Ewart & G Thorpe 26-9. D Gunning, H Marshall & P Rafferty 17-12. K Hardy, B Pointon & C Thorpe 18-15. Shots, VB 98(8) – 97(6) Q.

Div. C Conquistadores at home playing the El Rancho Broncos. Four wins from K Rennison, M Irwin & M Blight 27-7. R and K Savage & A Kendall 27-11. R Hudson, P & Penny Tomkins 22-17. I Irwin, R Smith & J Harwood 17-12. Shots, VB 110(10) – 91(4) ER.

Well done everyone for your commitment, the team Captains/selectors and not forgetting the league administrators Arthur & Keith.