La Marina Ospreys fly into trouble at Vistabella
La Marina Ospreys fly into trouble at Vistabella

La Marina Report by Barry Latham

The week started early when the Club played Bonalba in the Premier 20.This consists of singles, pairs, trips and rinks played home and away at the same time. At home our Singles played by Andy Bartlett won 21-11. The Pairs lost unfortunately.  The Trips were Shirley Hadaway, Cliff Rawlinson and Kathy Manning who won 30-6 while not to be out done Dave Hadaway led his Rink of Mike Smith, Carol Smith and Mo Kidd to a 28-5 victory. 

The away team obviously had to play their strong home side and we lost both Singles and Pairs by the same score of 15-21. The Trips of Alex Whyte, Mike Stone and Janet Parsons held on to win by two shots. The Rink did well and won 22-11 skipped by Barry Latham, Garth Slater, Wendy Latham and Anne Stone. Very close over there winning by one shot overall.  So La Marina won 10-6. Good on yer.  Come Monday and the good play went on with both the Explorers and the Pathfinders winning.

The Explorers played away against San Miguel Pulsars and won 10-4.

A good all round performance with Pete Parsons leading his trip of Mike Surch and Chris Webb to a 23-13 win.  Tom Spencer, Margaret McLaughlin and Steve Douglas won by 13 shots.  Richard Robinson, Carol Smith and Anne Stone fought well to win by four. Alex Whyte, Martin Webb and Janet Parsons did well winning 21-14. The Pathfinders went over to Greenlands to face the Sycamores and came away with a comfortable victory of 12-2. Alan Castle, Bernie Carr and Paul Tregoing won 26-13. John Withers, Garth Slater and Jean Tregoing won 21-11. Terry and Jean Perchard plus Jack Chorlton won a close game by two shots.  John Morgan, Angie Butler and Gina Hindle won 25-20 and to top the lot Sue Daniels, John Rae and Barbara Forshaw (Good job the dentist sorted her teeth) had a great win of 34-5. 

Good week so far with another win, this time in the Winter League versus Greenlands at their place 8-4.  Well done everyone. Len Daniels, Steve Hindle, Ron Maiden and Anne Stone combined together to a 17-12 victory while Dave Taylor (just out of hospital), Mike Smith, Martin Butler and Mo Taylor (looking after him) won 19-7. Barry Latham, Peter Parsons, Wendy Latham and Dave O’Sullivan pulled through to win 23-14. Many thanks for the great meal put on by Greenlands after the match. 

The Merlins entertained the San Miguel Cougars at La Marina and did themselves proud by winning 10-4. One rink won because of a mishap to the opposition’s car giving us 10 shots advantage.  John Withers won by 10 shots with the help of Steve Hindle and Martin Butler.  Sue Daniels, John Rae and Mo Taylor managed to survive even though they dropped five on the last end while Barry Latham, Berni Carr and Barbara Forshaw won with the last wood on the last end. 

Ah well all good things come to an end when the Ospreys flew over to Vistabella and lost to the Lanzadores 2-10. Our only winning rink was provided by Alex Whyte, Jim Reeves and Dave O’Sullivan.