Last week ended on Saturday with the traditional Scots versus England game, this year however it was the Celts versus England so that everybody could be involved and with me being a true Brit I am happy to congratulate the Celts on their win.  This carried on to a Robbie Burns night with haggis, whisky, and music which was enjoyed by all.  Well done to the organisers of both events.


Monday gave us yet another away game this time at the Emerald Isle and I would just like to congratulate the Isle on their 12 nil victory, (least said soonest mended).


Friday and I turned up at apx 11.30 due to appointments to see us playing San Miguel and everything was looking very rosy where we were up on 4 rinks.  I was thinking positive thoughts, but we ended up losing 5-7 on a very close game.  Our scoring trips were Janet Parsons, Margaret MacLaughlin & Barry Roberts 21-9, Trevor Stemp, Maureen Kidd and Alex Whyte 20-19 and Anne Stone, Shirley Hadaway, & Peter Parsons 15-15.  But then we lost the overall shots 87-88 – what a great effort but Oh, what those 2 extra shots would have done.  Another case of every shot really does count.


Dave Hadaway