Generally a good week for San Luis: South Alicante League: Monday 22nd SL Klingons had a great win away v Vistabella Albatrosses; 10 points-2, shots 109-63. Winners: Kath Reid, June & Keith Jones 18-11, Mike Veale, Caroline & John Smyth 26-9, Dee Hoey, Tricia & Pat Reilly 19-15, Margaret & Neil Morrison, Ian Kenyon 32-7.

SL Trekkers had an excellent result at home v our Vulcans team, 12 points-0, shots 120-61. Well done: Joy & Brian Gardiner, Jean Cooper 28-9, Chris Jackson, Ralph Jones, Vic Mahomet, 27-17, Bill Webb, Cas Blay, Jim Gracie 16-13, Mary Lockley & sub Sheila Cammack, Phil Lockley, Bob Bromley 14-12, Stuart Wilson, Jane & Stewart Hamill 35-10.

SL Romulans, had a good result, home to Greenlands Beech, winning 8 points -4, 93 shots- 77. Winners: Catherine & Noel Morrisroe, Barbara Louis 25-12, Pauline Johnson, Kevin McKenna, Lyndon Johnson 19-9, Judy Carroll, Gordon Paton, Dave Blackie 20-14.

Winter League: San Luis made the long journey north to El Cid but, although they fought really hard and many results ended very close, El Cid managed to turn around the last few ends so 2 finished 19-20 & 1 was 16-18 for San Luis finishing 4 points-6, shots 82-65. Well done; Cathy Morrisroe, Bill Webb, Noel Morrisroe, Scott Malden 28-7.

Southern League: Friday 26th SL Lions home v GL Oaks had a close fought match, points 6-6, shots 83-67. Winners: Mike Veale, Caroline & John Smyth 17-9, Kath Reid, Dee Hoey, Scott Malden 27-3.

SL Tigers, away v El Rancho Mustangs, always a challenge, had some real “nip & tuck” games although the Tigers gradually pulled ahead to win 12-0, shots 130-52. Well done: Mary & Phil Lockley, Bob Bromley 22-12, Sheila Cammack, Ralph Jones, Florence Murphy 22-14, Joy Gardiner, Jane Hamill, Jean Cooper 41-11, Chris Jackson, Mike Edwards, Stewart Hamill 24-8, Bill Webb, Cas Blay, Jim Gracie 21-7.

SL Pumas had a good result at home v Emerald Isle Outlaws; 8 points-4, 93 shots-81. Winners: Jim Gwynn, Ken Stringfellow, Maxine Wright 28-14, Maggie Gray, Wayne Howlett, David Whitworth 20-15, Jill Wyatt, Tony Ferreira, Steve Gray 22-11.

SL Leopards had a great result away v Greenlands Elms; 10 points-2, 110 shots-69. Winners: Ray Watmough, Ngaio Baldwin, Peter Ayres 16-15, Judy Carroll, Peter Baldwin, Gordon Paton 36-7, Pauline Johnson, Kevin McKenna, Lyndon Johnson 23-14, Catherine Morrisroe, Derek Cooper, Noel Morrisroe 22-17.

Sheila Cammack