Monday and we were at home to Quesada and came away with a very hard fought 3 points, the shot difference was 57-121 in their favour, and our 3 points came from  a shot difference of 1 shot in our favour.  Our 1 point came from Trevor Stemp, Shirley Hadaway and Garth Slater with a draw of 15 shots each, and win was thanks to Les & Dave Joynes with Barry Roberts who won 15-14.


Friday we were away to Greenlands a game that had to put back to the afternoon in the respect of the funeral of Jill Collins (our sympathy goes to Barry and his family)  as you can imagine it was a game played in a somewhat subdued atmosphere but nerveless it was played and we came away with a  8 – 4 victory which included a shot difference in our favour of 86 – 82.

Unfortunately I cannot name our points winners but well done everybody for a good game in sad and very windy conditions.


Dave Hadaway