South Alicante Enterprise Division – Vistabella Albatrosses v San Miguel Dolphins (home match)

Good wins for Olwyn Ratcliffe, Stuart Allman & Brian Dunn 20- 13 also Derek Howe, Don Conlon & Maggie Furness 30- 8. Overall scores 86 – 84 to Vistabella ending with a 6-6 draw. Close game.

South Alicante Discovery Division – Vistabella Drivers v El Rancho Raiders (away match).

Very good wins for Jennifer McDonald, Tony Grimes & John Ridley 19-10, Frank Barclay, Jeff Neve & Graham Doel 20-14 plus Clive Smith, Avril Kendall & Steve Wilson 17-15. Overall scores 82 – 79 to El Rancho. Game ending in a 6-6 draw.

Winter league – Vistabella v San Miguel (home match)

Great performance from Vistabella bowlers beating the top of the league team. Wins by Derek Howe, Keith Black, Don Conlon & Maggie Furness 28-14, Hilary James, Alice Howe, Sue Wilson & Alan Bannister 20-12 plus Barbara Brown, Mo. Foulcer, Arthur Brown & Martin Foulcer 29-9. Overall scores 93 – 52 giving Vistabella a well-deserved 8-2 win.

LLB Southern League Division B – Vistabella Picadors v El Rancho Mustangs (home match).

Started very windy and difficult to play for all bowlers but eventually Vistabella managed to take control of the game. Good wins on all rinks, John Goddard, Alan Bannister & Paul Durham 21-11, Peter Westwood, Barbara Brown & Arthur Brown 20-9, Alice Howe, Mo. Foulcer, & Sheila Westwood 28-17, Hilary James, Freddie Willey & Derek Stevenson 20-11 plus Keith Black, Don Conlon & Maggie Furness 27-9. Overall scores 116-57 giving Vistabella a 12-0 win.

LLB Southern League Division C

Vistabella Conquistadors v Greenlands Elms (away match).

Another good performance from our players. Clive Smith, Dave Hill & Stan Dibble 15-12, Rosemary Savage, Ken Savage & Sue Wilson 14-14 and Peter Cadwell, John Ridley & Alan Gordon 18-11.Overall scores 79 – 77 giving Vistabella a 7-5 win.

A great week two draws and three wins well done to all Vistabella bowlers; teamwork pays off.

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