It was all systems go last week, as QBC embarked on the start of 2 LLB summer leagues.  On Wednesday, in the VCL, div 1 Lions travelled to San Miguel, where they drew 6-6 against the Sheriffs.  M Highland won the ladies singles 21-19, T Morgan came out on top in the mens singles 21-12, whilst C Highland & M Ward won their pairs match 19-8.

At home to San Miguel Deputies, Tigers also drew 6-6.  As with the lions, both singles events were successful.  I Everett won the ladies 21-17 and A Reid won the mens 21-11.  The other winning discipline was the rinks (17-12), which consisted of T Brinton, V Slater, P Bradbury & R Lewin.

An all-Quesada battle kicked off a new South Alicante league season, in which Blenheims beat Lancasters 8-4.  Blenheims won on 3 rinks, plus they secured overall shots, thanks to these sets of trips – C Lowry, B Elliott, K Lowry 22-15. G Phillips, M France, Jason P 31-7. B Trinder, A Linley, P Morgan 25-10.  For the Lancasters, it was I Everitt, V Slater, P Bradbury 18-13 plus S Johnston, D Collings, T Voisey 22-21, who did the damage.