Monday 27th and our Explorers had a bye, whilst our Pathfinders travelled to Quesada to play their Pearls.

We have always said that every shot counts and today was a prime example we won 2 games by 1 shot and lost 2 by 2 shots, also very close and it resulted in us getting 4 points and the Pearls 8.  Our 2 winning trips being Trevor Hancock, Alan Birch & Len Daniels 17-16, and Audrey Birch, Norman Ship & Garth Slater 20-19.

Wednesday saw the end of our Birds League, followed on by a fine meal, the actual presentation is due this finals weekend, but I can give you the final table and the names of the winners.

The table reads: Puffins 42, Sparrows 37, Magpies 30, Eagles 28, Swans 25, Robins 18

Which seems a shame because if you are British the Robin would be our favourite bird, however in this case the Puffins came out on top consisting of John Rae, Janet Parsons, Trevor Hancock & Tom Spencer and deserve our congratulations.

Friday 3rd and the Seagulls are playing in the afternoon so unfortunately their result will be too late for this report. The Sharks however played in the morning at home to our geographically our closest opposition, Quesada Swallows, and I am afraid we did not fare well at all, winning just 1 trip, Janet Parsons, Margaret MacLaughlin & Anne Stone 14-12, and losing the overall shots 54-101 giving us just 2 points.