The Titans began the week at home against La Siesta Apollos where they were held to a 6-6 tie, Aggregate of 87-76. P Heaney S Elvin C Lindgren 27-11, S Verity Jo Pering Julian Pering 17-12

Neptunes played at home against Greenlands Chestnuts and slipped to a 4-8 Aggregate of 89-90, M Riley R Pollock  R White 24-8, M Oakley M Ellis J Pooley  21-20

Moonrakers travelled to Quesada Rubies and lost 4-8 Aggregate of 70-107, M Nash I Fay K John 19-15  C Leigh G Digby A Fay 15-13

Cavaliers took on top of the table at home and they slipped to a 5-7, Aggregate of 81-84 D Jones M Veale C Lindgren 19-14, P Heaney M Odell A M Gerrard 17-16, N Davis I Grimshaw D Gerrard  17-17

SAPS on Saturdays at 13.15