Monday 28th February, Vistabella Albatrosses Division A, were at Home to Greenlands Maples, Winning on 3 Rinks and Drawing on 1 Rink, Sue Kemp, Tony French, Brian Zelin 16-13, Mo Foulcer, Arthur Brown, Maggie Furness 29-10, Lynne Bishop, Carol Thorpe, Gary Thorpe 26-15, Neil Burrows, Sandra Burrows, Eric Bishop 14-14, Shots 85-52. Points 9-1.

Vistabella Drivers Division B, were Away to Emerald Isle Moonrakers, Winning on 3 Rinks and Drawing on 1 Rink, Frank Barclay, Barry Tarling, Stuart Allman 22-8, Ron Smith, Brian Pointon, Derek Stevenson 28-8, Alan Whitely, Jeff Neve, Paul Durham 21-11, Olwyn Radcliffe, John Goddard, Brian Dunn 15-15, Shots 86-43. Points 9-1.

Vistabella Buggies Division C, were at Home to Country Bowls Seahawks, unfortunately losing on all Rinks, Shots 39-85. Points 0-10.

Friday 4th March, All matches Postponed due to bad weather.