Emerald Isle Bowls Club - Elwyn Morris
Emerald Isle Bowls Club - Elwyn Morris

By Elwyn Morris

Monday saw the start of the Enterprise League for this season and it took the Titans to Quesada Pearls, were the home team came out on top 8-4, with an aggregate of 95 – 82, Isle winners were: L Freeman C Smyth J Smyth 20-16, , D Jones  A Miles  C Lindgren  19-12. Any points away from home are good

The Discovery League began with the  two Emerald Isle teams meeting, the Moonrakers  playing the Neptunes, and the  home team Moonrakers  had a good win by 10 – 2, aggregate of 97-70. Moonrakers winners were I Graham G Dyer G Shoots 28-7, N Prior P Willicott  B Taaffe 23-11, R Andrews S Simpson I Grimshaw 21-14, V Cameron B Smith M Willicott 19-14

Neptunes winners were S Verity Jo Perrin Julian Perrin 24-8

Wed the Emerald Isle played San Miguel in the Winter league and they had a great 14-0, win with an aggregate of 117-75, winners were C Smyth J Smyth 23-7, G Shoots B Kavanagh 25-15, S Marks R Marks 20-13   B Taaffe A M Robertson 15-12, P Coffey D Gerrard  18-15   Jo Perrin Julian Perrin  16-13

Celtic Isle travelled to Quesada and had a tough game but came away with an 3-11 defeat aggregate 94-131, D Jones D Morrison 32-9   S Johnson J Pooley 17-17

Friday saw the Cavaliers playing at home against La Marina Sharks, and they slipped to a 2-10, aggregate of 65 –86, winners were S Johnson M Veale A M Robertson 20-10

Claymores travelled to La Marina Seagulls and had a good 7-5 win, with an aggregate of 78-78. Winners were A Brown J Westall S Westall  24-9, S Verity Jo Perrin Julian Perrin 20-10, C Parsons P Creswell P Dix 19-15

The Outlaws played at home and had a great 10–2 aggregate 102–63 win, against San Luis Pumas, winners were N Prior P Willicott B Taaffe 23–9, R Adams A Holliman I Grimshaw 22-12, I Graham G Dyer G Shoots 25-14, I Wren B Smith M Willicott 18-11