On Sunday we were hosts to the British Legion team, it was a close match with Quesada winning 3 trips to 2 but losing the overall shots. The match was declared an honourable draw.

Monday saw the start of the South Alicante leagues. The Diamonds were at home to the Vistabella Drivers and managed to shine on 4 rinks. They only lost the 5th by 2 shots. Winning trips Harry Johnston, Bryan Elliott & Jacqui Johnston 23-13, Doug Beattie, Jim Donnelly & Fay Beattie 15-12, Allen Bowen, David Gould & Suzi Cooper 15-10, Tommy Cunningham, Steve Hibberd & Sandra Heath 25-9.

The Pearls had the afternoon match at home against Emerald Isle Titans. They won on 3 & the overall for 8 points. Winning trips Chris Brazier, Mark France & Jason Prokopowycz 20-16, Graham Phillips, Peter Farrell & Phil Bevan 21-18, George Carnell, Terry Morgan & Peter Morgan 26-9.

The Rubies had a bye this week.

On Wednesday the Winter League team played their first home game against Celtic Isle. It was another good result with 4 wins & a draw plus the overall for 11 points. Winning pairs were George Carnell & Jason Prokopowycz 32-4, Terry Morgan & Trevor Voisey 19-15, Tony Lale & Colin Highland 27-10, Mel Highland & Peter Morgan 27-16, with Shen & Dave Barnes finishing 17-17.

On Friday the Southern League started & all 3 teams were in action. The Swifts were away at El Rancho Broncos & collected a creditable 8 points. Tina Brinton, Joe Brinton & Peter Bradbury 23-19, Norma Lamberton who had to be replaced by John Cleal due to a hip problem, Mike Lamberton & Deidre Leeming 20-15, Shena Barnes, Dave Barnes & Tony Lale 38-11.

The Swallows were at home to the Country Bowls Geckos. Winning on 4 & the overall for 10 points. George Carnell, Brian Trinder & Sandra Heath 18-13, Mel Highland, Mark France & Colin Highland 28-10, Chris Brazier, Graham Phillips & Jason Prokopowycz 30-11, Terry Morgan, Claire Dye & Alan Barton 18-13.

The Swans had the afternoon game at home against San Miguel Boxers & had the same result as the Swallows. David Gould, Chris Bowles & Kim Bowles 20-13, George Kershaw, Ann Linley & Peter Bottle 21-18, Dorothy Benson, Abby Benson & Suzi Cooper 26-6, Harry Johnston, Bryan Elliott & Jacqui Johnston 23-6.