San Miguel Bowls Club

The last games of the season for the SABA and Southern leagues, saw a mixed bag of results.  San Miguel COMETS were at home to Greenlands Sycamores winning 8 points to 6.  Taking the shots 116 to 84.  Well done to Dave Champion, Bob Hanton, Brian Errington 33-6;  Bob Nesbitt, Bob Graham, Bob Donnelly 30-9;  Meg Brownlee, Sandra Hannan, Bill Brownlee 19-13.

The PULSARS had a bad result away to Quesada Pearls, only managing to win on one rink.  Well played by Pat McEwan, Janet Thomas, Dave McEwan 15-13, a close game. Going down a division next season!!

The METEORS played La Marina winning 9 points to 5, shots 108-82.  Brian Miller, Allan Patterson, Lin Miller 25-10;  Brian Allen, Lee Sinclair, Lynn Greenland 22-17;  Margaret Patterson, Dave Johnson, Stuart Denholm 15 across;  Len Rudge, Val Collier, Ian Rogers 22-6.

The WINTER LEAGUE were away to La Siesta winning 8 points to 4.  Brian Miller, Dave Johnson, Mary Dyer, Steve Cantley 24-11;  Noel Davis, Linda & Clif Plaisted, Gary Raby 19-11;  Margaret Patterson, Val & Chris Collier, Lin Miller 22-18.  The Berleen won 19-9 by Sue Milner, Jan Allen, Don Whitney, Ian Rogers.  Shots were 91 to 77.

In the Fed Fours, the CHEROKEES drew 4 all against Vistabella Vikings, with shots close at 57 to 53.  Val Collier, Lee Sinclair, Chris Collier, Rob Honeywell winning 30-12.

In the Southern League both the JAGUARS and the COUGARS had brilliant results both winning 12 points to 2.  The JAGUARS were at home to El Rancho Mustangs with shots 125 to 89.  Excellent bowling by Paul Thomas, Sue Milner, Alan Campbell 27-6;  Pete Masters, Paul Hayward, Mike Douglas 26-15;  Anita Brown, Tom Dalgleish, John Marshall 19-12;  Pat McEwan, Derek Farmer, Dave McEwan 28-15;  Ken Hope, Janet Thomas, John Raby 16-10.

The COUGARS were away to Emerald Isle Outlaws with a great shot difference of 120 to 75.  Great bowling by Bob Nesbitt, Bob Graham, Rosamond Stockell 27-7;  Bill Reeves, Bob Donnelly, Ann Eagle 15-13;  Stan North, Jim Jarvie, Alan Dobie 19-15;  Frank Scotthern, Dave Champion, Barbara Scotthern 25-8;  Barry Jones, Bill Knight, Mick Rogers 19-15.

No other results received.

Many thanks to all bowlers for making themselves available week after week,  some great games and some not so great games over the season,  Well done to all.

The Club semi-finals are taking place this weekend.  Club mornings running as usual 0945 for 1015.  WASPS still on Wednesday afternoons 0130 for 2pm start.

For further information on San Miguel Bowls Club, please contact the President, Rosamond Stockell, telephone 965 32 9778 or Secretary Pat McEwan, telephone 966 71 4257.