Vistabella Bowls Report. Brian Zelin
Vistabella Bowls Report

Plenty happening this week starting with the S.A.L. The Enterprise div. Albatrosses started the new season playing another really good side, the Vistabella Drivers! They just edged the win by one shot! Winning rinks for the Albatrosses were, G Fisher, S Allman & Gordon Fisher 16-9. S Kemp, C Watkins & M Furness 19-15. O Ratcliffe, B Norris & K Cuthbert 22-12 and a drawn rink between  M Gill, L Watkins & E Bishop 12-12 F Barclay, B Ewart & G Thorpe. Winning Drivers were K Hardy, P Ray & C Thorpe 21-10. D Gunning, L Barber & D Jenkins 19-10. Shots, Albatrosses 89(9) – 88 (5) Drivers.

Voyager div. Eagles were at home against the Country Bowls Flamingos winning on four rinks. R Savage, K Savage & R Pownall 30-7. M Irwin, P & Penny Tomkins 17-13. J Hitchcock, R Hudson & G Gandy 15-12. Irene Irwin, Malcolm Macpherson & M Blight 12-11. Very well done. Shots, VB 101(10) – 84(4) CB.

Winter League away at Bonalba, We two winning rinks plus long game. S Kemp, T French, M Furness & E Bishop 27-10. G Fisher, M Foulcer, C Thorpe & Gordon Fisher 28-13. Shots, VB 95(6) -67(6) B.

Southern League A Div. Lanzadores away to Emerald Isle Cavaliers, two winning rinks from L Bishop, C Watkins & P Whitehall 21-7 & S Whitehall, G Fisher & Gordon Fisher 21-19. Shots VB 87(4) – 112(10) E.I.

Picadors were home to San Miguel Jaguars also two winning rinks. D Gunning, A Leggatt & L Barber 29-6 and D Leggatt, P Rafferty & J Neve 21-19. Shots, VB 107(4) – 112(10) SM.

Div C Conquistadors home to San Luis Pumas. Four winning rinks. R Smith, D Harwood & J Harwood 28-7. R Savage, K Savage & T French 24-11. S Guy, J Hitchcock & G Gandy 19-13. M Irwin, P and Penny Tomkins 20-16. Shots, VB 125(10) – 87(4) SL. Tell you what…we have some very promising new bowlers, well done to them all.

Premier 20 Knockout against El Cid. Three home wins and two away takes us through to the next round…brill!