After the welcome Christmas break, here we are – fortunate enough to be starting yet another year in Spain (time really does seem to fly as the body slows down!) and remembering friends we’ve lost or who have decided to return to UK on a permanent basis for whatever reason. Who knows what 2023 will bring as far as bowling is concerned, with many of the long-standing, hard working LLB committee members stepping down; we thank them and look forward with interest to the future.

But back to this week: South Alicante League, Enterprise Div. (A) Monday 9th January; Klingons were away, against our near neighbours, La Siesta Apollos and had a “challenging” morning winning on just 2 rinks but taking the shots 88-86, points 6-6. Well done to our winning teams: Giuseppe Galelli, June & Keith Jones 31-9, Kath Reid, Neil Burrows, Ian Kenyon 22-17.

Voyager Div. (C) – Trekkers had no match as there are only 7 teams in this division.

Southern League (Div A) on Tuesday 10th Lions were away v San Miguel Apaches for their re-arranged match (from 02.12.22.) They had a great result, 8 points-4, just missing the shots 73-78. Winners: Bill Webb, Caroline Smyth, Pat Reilly 16-15, Mary Lockley, Sandra Burrows, Scott Malden 17-15, Giuseppe Galelli, June & Keith Jones 18-14, Kath Reid, Dave Webb, Ian Kenyon 15-8.

Southern League (Div C) Friday 13th was not a good day for the Tigers away v San Miguel Commanches. The Tigers did their best but some found the difference in the length of the green, added to the new, much heavier running, carpet very hard work. Points were 4-8, shots 62-94. Well done to our winning teams who found their way: Jane Hamill, Cas Blay, Stewart Hamill 19-7, Ray Watmough, Dee Hoey, John Dowell 16-14.

Meanwhile the Lions were battling at home v Quesada Swallows, taking 6 points-6, 80 shots-100. Winners: Bill Webb, Tricia Reilly, Pat Reilly 13-12, Neil & Sandra Burrows, Scott Malden 20-11, Kath Reid, Caroline Smyth, Ian Kenyon 21-17.

If you want to find out more about San Luis BC, come along to Oasis SL, talk to members; we’re a friendly bunch! watch on Monday or Friday match days, or take part in the chicken drive on Saturdays (winter times now 10:00/10:30) or contact Club Captain June Jones for more information:

Sheila Cammack